Benefits of Buying your Home from a Real Estate Developer


That the real estate market has started its recovery is no secret. Neither is it true that in certain coastal areas of Spain and large cities the purchase and sale of housing operations have recovered a pace that we thought impossible only five years ago. And, savers and investors know that this is a good time to buy a house, especially with regard to certain products such as flats, apartments and single-family homes by the hand of large promoters and construction companies such as Viqueira, a very consolidated group in the new housing market whose promotions have an excellent quality-price ratio.

The homes offered by promoters of great solvency are precisely one of the main demands for those consumers who wish to place all their confidence in the acquisition of a new house.

Experience, quality and after-sales service:

Those who go to a developer to buy their first home, do so for several issues including seven of great relevance to the future buyer. Speaking about Experience a famous real estate developer from Toronto is building a skyscraper which is currently under construction named as The One.

Brand new and quality:

The new construction housing by promoters and builders resurfaces with the highest standards of quality and energy efficiency that we have been able to find in the Spanish real estate market in relation to the proposed price. This peculiarity is due to the fact that a solvent and strong promoter is able to offer optimal quality homes at very competitive prices.


In addition, they know perfectly the current regulations, administrative bureaucracy, etc., so they tend to be more effective in the management of the steps prior to the construction of a residential than a cooperative or a small promoter with few years of experience.


Not only because we will know the final price of our home, a totally closed price, but because the payment terms as well as the amounts to be disbursed are set in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises. In addition, any promoter will be very careful that no setbacks arise, since it would be the company itself that should respond to them, not the buyer.

After-sales service:

The attention to the client before any problem and the guarantee of an already consolidated company, is another plus in front of the tranquillity of the consumer.

In short, the large promoters provide not only a good product and important added services for the buyer, but an image of professionalism and solvency that increases the confidence of the consumer when making one of the most important decisions of his life.

Advantages compared to cooperatives and second-hand housing:

In addition to the previous ones, other advantages tip the balance in favour of the purchase of a new home from the hand of strong groups promoters against, for example, new cooperatives, such as the greater ease of financing or the provision of additional services.

Regarding the benefits of buying a new home versus a second- hand home from banking entities or individual owners, the list is long and includes the aspects mentioned above, which have to do with trust and confidence. Quality of a new or used product, to the location of the home.

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