Best Books to Start a Reading Habit


Though everyone is not habitual reader, there is a saying by Roger Ferrer – “Show me your book and I will say about you”. Reading has a significant number of benefits such as

  • It enhances your mind
  • You will have very good vocabulary
  •  It upgrades your thinking powers
  • Also reading is one of the best way to kill your time.

Tips to Cultivate Your Reading Habit

Reading Books, sharpen your skills and with a book you will never feel alone. To cultivate the reading habits, there are few easier ways for the beginners.

  • Set your Reading Goal:  The goal should be backed up with a purpose and it should help you to grow in different areas of your life like academics, career, relationships, parenting, gardening, spiritual and many more. When you have proper reasons and purpose attached with the goal, it will keep pushing and motivate you to read.
  •  Make a List of Books For Each Month: When you are done setting your reading goal, you will need a list of books to back it up. By being intentional on reading list, the mind will be focused on your ultimate goals and it will not be deviated. The books you are selecting could be beneficial to your career or inspirational way. For eg., if you are in marketing or sales tea, you can write out a list of some marketing and network related books.
  • Read Atleast 10 to 20 Pages a Day: You should create a consistent reading pattern to become a habitual reader. Read atleast 10 to 20 pages a day especially when you are busy will help you to accomplish your goal.
  • Set Reading Times and Day: Setting specific time everyday for reading books and keep away your distractions such as mobiles, TV will help you stay dedicated and focused.
  • Sign into Book Club: You are not ALONE, so never feel for it. When you sign into Book Club, you will get reading partners and it keeps you inspired in achieving your goal.

And here comes the best books one can start with the reading habits

  1. How to read a book: It is actually a must read book for people who want to start a reading habit.
  2. The Alchemist: The author Paulo Coelho stunned the world with the power of positive affirmations.Reading Habit
  3. Kite Runners: This will bring you tears. If you value for emotions and inner feelings, it is a great start to reading.
  4. Tuesdays with Morrie:  It teaches you a life’s greatest lesson. Highly recommended.
  5. The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck: This is for modern age reader, the author Mark Manson brings the most authentic and uplifting book in recent times.
  6. Milk and Honey by Rupikaur: If you are a poetry lover, then this is the book you should start your journey with.
  7. The Secret: A wonderfully inspired book for entire generation will show you the power of belief.Reading Habit
  8. Who Moved My Cheese: Dr. Spencer Johnson illustrated the complex aspect of life in a simple way.

So, lets start on your work to cultivate your reading habit with these powerful books. Books are not only of just pages and inks, once you become a profound reader then you books itself will become your companion, guide and friend.

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