Are You Making These Common Lingerie Mistakes?


Lingerie is a popular choice for everyday wear and evening fun, but there are many common mistakes that people make when wearing lingerie which can cause problems ranging from uncomfortable fit to practical issues such as damaged fabrics. There are many different types of sexy lingerie out there, including sheer lingerie perfect for night time and sheer panties ideal for night and day wear; if you plan on buying lingerie in the near future, consider the following common mistakes and avoid them.

Common Lingerie Mistakes

Wearing panties or bras that is too tight or small

One of the most common mistakes that people make is wearing lingerie that is simply too small. Sometimes people wear too tight lingerie because they think it has a slimming effect or gives them more cleavage and support—but lingerie that is too small is definitely not the way to go. It can cause restriction on blood flow and make your bra and underwear lines more visible, even if you’re wearing quality sheer lingerie.

Wearing your lingerie too many days in a row

It can be tempting to wear your lingerie a few days in a row to save on time and hassle washing, but this is definitely a mistake you don’t want to make. Wearing your bra multiple days in a row stretches out the elastic and shortens the life of the bra, while wearing panties or thongs multiple days in a row can cause hygiene problems as well as stretching the elastic.  Make sure you are switching out your lingerie every day to avoid these issues.

Not hand washing and drying delicate lingerie

Sometimes lingerie needs to be hand washed and either air-dried or dried on the most delicate cycle possible. In these cases, you need to be diligent about following the washing instructions. If you throw a delicate bra into the regular washer cycle, for instance, it will almost certainly damage the fabric and cause your once-beautiful lingerie to become frayed or even damaged beyond repair. It may take some extra time, but hand washing your lingerie and drying it properly is essential to make it last long.

Not having different lingerie types and color options

This is a common mistake that people make, especially if they are new to wearing lingerie. It’s in your best interests to have a wide range of lingerie types and color options so that you’ll always have something to wear, no matter the occasion or the outfit in question. For instance, you need to have multiple color options so that you’ll always have a bra and panties to wear that won’t show through your outfit fabric. And having more than one type of bra will let you pick one that provides the most support and least visibility depending on your outfit.

There is a lot of nuance involved in buying and wearing lingerie, before you go shopping at one of your Victoria’s Secrets stores or browsing online lingerie stores like Venus or  HauteFlair, keep the above common mistakes in mind, you’ll be able to avoid making the mistakes and instead make the most of your perfect lingerie collection

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