Cracked Windshield Replacement and Fast Windshield Chip Repair


It is normal for the windshield of your car to get cracked once in a while. However, the repair or replacement needs to be done immediately it happens to prevent it from getting worse. In some cases, this can lead to accidents or other road hazards that may be life-threatening.

Windshield repair is not a random job for any kind of technician. It is specialized and there are professionals that handle every step involved in the process with total care. While some people may opt to go for a DIY option, it is recommended that you use professionals who understand the best way to handle the repair or replacement as applicable.

cracked windshield replacement

When you contract the services of experts so you can rest assured that your windshield won’t give you issues for a long time. You can also check out sites link Insta Glass: auto glass repair, to learn more about choosing the right professionals.

In this article, we will review some steps involved in cracked windshield replacement and repair. We will also outline some tips to help you with the maintenance.

Steps to Fixing Your Windshield Issues

fix windsheild issues

The following are some important steps to take:

Check Insurance Terms and Repair Agreement

The cost of replacing or fixing your windshield varies according to location, windshield type, and insurance. If you have an active insurance in your location, using it will be very convenient as it covers the full cost of replacement or repair. However, if you are in another location or you do not have a comprehensive insurance, you will have to foot part or all of the bill.

Check for Damages Near the Edges

Chips or cracks on the edges compromise the integrity of the windscreen. These damages can be a huge safety concern even long after the repair has been completed. In such cases, the windshield should be replaced. 

Check Line of Sight

When there is a damage on the driver’s line of sight, there is bound to be an interference with driving after the repair has been completed. An area considered to be dangerous is a 12’’ wide extension of glass which is right in front of the car steering wheel, extending to the length of the wipers. If there is a damage within these areas, a total replacement is recommended.

Measurement of the Crack Length

Most cracks that are shorter than 15cm should be fixed at home. For cracks that are up to 46cm long, you have to consult an experienced professional to give you tips that will help you fix it yourself. This should be after he has considered the safety level and given you the nod to go ahead. However, if the cracks are more than two, you have to take the vehicle to a car glass repair workshop and inquire if fixing is possible. Additionally, if the cracks are long and up to three, a full replacement is recommended. 

Examine Dents and Chips

Damages from impacts may not be fixable if the shape and size is large. Semicircular or circular cracks have to be less than 2.5cm (1’’) in diameter. A short crack that has a spreading outward should have all the lines fit into a circle that is wide.

Check the depth of the damages 

Windshields comprise of two glass layers with a plastic layer staying in between. In the event that the crack goes past the outer layers and directly into the interior or plastic layer, you will have to replace the complete windscreen. It is rare to find windscreens that have interior damages and they are also difficult to evaluate even with the assistance of a professional. The best measure here will be to completely replace the windshield. If you need tips on how to replace the windshield, you can check here:

How to Repair Windshield Damages

The following are some steps to repairing a damaged windshield:

Set the Applicator

Take some minutes out to observe the applicator to understand how it works. You need to know that there are several models and some of them are difficult to understand just by following the manual. You can look out for the following: 

  1. The bolt or dial used to modify pressure
  2. The barrel or syringe where the resin is loaded and the O-ring or cap used to close it.

Tap a Tiny Hole

This is a risky step as it is capable of causing more damage to the windscreen. However, it is necessary for the repair of long cracks that don’t end in a semicircular or circular hole. To tap a hole, you have to place a tapper on the main (star) crack or at the edge of the crack. Slowly tap it with a suction cup detaching tool until a tiny hole pops up. There are cases when you may have to drill in the hole first, before you can tap. 

Fill the Resin in the Applicator 

how to repair windshield

It is common to find repair kits with the two main kinds of resin. While one is used to fill cracks, the other is used fill chips. Fill the applicator with the needed resin for the repair and study the kit manual to know the steps to follow.

Other steps you may need to follow after this procedure include the following:

  • Positioning the applicator to fix a crack
  • Applying the resin on the edge of the crack
  • Sealing the remaining part of the crack
  • Filling the dents and chips
  • Protect all resin using a curing tape
  • Allowing the resin to cure

These are some of the basic steps needed in cracked windscreen replacement and repair. If you need a visual guide on how to carry out the process, you can check out this video.


A car with a cracked windshield poses a great risk on the road. Finding ways to fix a small chip on the screen can save one from a number of problems which may arise as a result of negligence. We have outlined some steps you may need to take to fix your windshield. Feel free to check them out. 

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