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Back before the pandemic robbed us of our social lives, the most frequently heard word in bars and clubs across the world was “shots!”. This refrain was so popular and universal that there is even a chart-topping hit dedicated to it!

Shots, of course, referred to the practice of downing a small glass of liquor, usually neat and without any mixers. It is a common practice for celebration, often substituting the custom of cheers or simply an easy way to get the alcohol working into your bloodstream. 

best tequila

The type of liquor depends on the preferences of its consumer. Most often, it is some spirit like vodka, gin, or rum. But there is particular alcohol that reigns over the rest as the favored choice for taking shots. That alcohol is the famous tequila.

This is likely due to the fascinating ritual of taking tequila shots that almost no other type of liquor has. Namely, the popular way of drinking this beverage is by following a sequence of steps to maximize its enjoyment. 

First, you pour salt on the top of your hand and lick it off. Then you throw back the shot, and finally, you bite into a piece of lemon or lime. However, this type is classified as the American way. In its native Mexico, tequila drinks in a much more different method. Follow this link to learn more about it: 

Nectar of the kings

Nevertheless, taking shots is not all that tequila is good for! Indeed, even if its popularity comes from this cross-cultural custom, it is still a fine spirit that can be enjoyed with the same reverence afforded to whiskey and bourbon.

In fact, its origins can be traced back as far as the 16th century, when the Spanish conquistadors, upon running out of European brandy, decided to distill the plant agave for alcohol. This led to producing one of the very first spirits indigenous to North America.

Nowadays, you can find it produced all over the globe. Sure, the Mexican government put a trademark on the name in 1974, but that does not mean that other countries cannot make their tequila. They can, just under a different name. Find out more about the distinction here.

If you ask us, the more, the merrier! As long as there is plenty to go around, the only thing that matters is its quality. And rest assured, there are some companies out there delivering high-quality tequila on the regular. One such company is Don Julio. Read on for a brief overview of some of the excellent products that they have on hand.

Plenty to choose from

aged tequila

There are certain types of this liquor that are distinct and certain that are available in any brand. One of them is the so-called blanco tequila, which is essentially the base spirit produced by the company. It is also sold straight after manufacturing without any aging beforehand. In some cases, specific flavors can be added to it for an extra kick.

Aged tequila is also called the gold one or reposado, usually kept in barrels made from American oak from two to eight months. It takes on a slightly amber color and, just like the previous one, can be infused with plenty of flavors, such as chocolate, fruits, or nuts, to enhance the experience. You can drink it neat or as part of a cocktail; it is up to you!

Next, we have the so-called anejo tequila. This one is special because it is aged for more than a year, precisely eighteen months. Same as the reposado, it is kept in American oak barrels and often takes on its distinctive wood smell and taste. The Don Julio tequila reviews will tell you that the experience of drinking this one is truly one of a kind. Unlike the previous two, it should not be mixed with other beverages in cocktails.

Lastly, the crowning jewel is the clear anejo tequila. This one is the first of its kind and usually unheard of because aged anejo tequilas take on a dark honey color. Like the previously mentioned editions, this one is kept for eighteen months in barrels, but it is also filtered after an optimal agave taste.

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