Effect of Stress on Teenagers

Some teenagers become overloaded with stress. The inadequately managed stress can lead to nervousness, withdrawal, physical illness, anger, orpoor skills to confront it such as the use of drugs, alcohol or any other harmful products. When we face some difficult or painful situations, changes occur in our minds as well as bodies that prepare us to respond to danger. These changes includes an increase in heartbeat and in the number of times you breathe, increases the amount of blood flowing to the muscles of the arms as well as legs. Hands and feet, the stomach is turned and terror or fear is felt.

The same mechanism that creates the stress response can end it. The relaxing response includes a decrease in heartbeat as well as breathing and a feeling of well-being. Youths who develop the relaxationskills as well as other stress management skills, feel less weakas well as have more alternatives when responding to stress. The Landmark forum Stillness meditation therapy centre, are some of the service providers which organizes several seminars or courses, etc. which would help the teenagers in getting relieved from the stress.

effects of stress

Several Techniques can help to Manage the stress:

  • Doing exercises and eating regularly
  • Avoiding excess caffeine which can increase feelings of anxiety and agitation
  • Avoiding the use of illegal drugs, alcohol and tobacco
  • Developing affirmative skills training. For example, expressing feelings in a courteous, firm manner and not in a very aggressive or very passive way
  • Rehearsing and practicing situations that cause stress. An example is taking a speech class, if talking in front of the class makes you anxious
  • One should be optimistic and avoid the negative talks. This will greatly help in managing the stress.

Through the use of these and other techniques, adolescents can begin to manage stress. If a teen talks about, or shows signs of being too tense, a consultation with a child and adolescent psychiatrist or a trained mental health professional can be very helpful.

The new paradigm in the study of stress includes taking into account the behavioral response of stress, which considers the lifestyle of the individual and the environment in which it operates as primordial elements. The lifestyle of the individual and the environment in which they interact are mediating and modulating factors in the chronicity process of stress. The professionals at Landmark forum believes that behavior is usually very important either by attenuating or enhancing the stress process, with the consequent impact on the quality of life. Indeed, our behaviors can contribute to a lifestyle that results in a higher level of stress and develop a pattern characterized by emotional reactions and symptoms of chronic stress such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, excessive calorie consumption and saturated fats, lack of physical training, long hours of work, isolation and a lack of activities related to relaxation and body rest. Many attendees have given the Landmark forum reviews which help the other people in choosing the right place for them to get the best assistance in dealing with stress.

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