Effective Sales management using SuiteCRM


In this blog, you will be getting an insight on effective sales management using CRM.

4 Big Ways SuiteCRM Helps Scale Your Business

Important CRM determinants which can help to scale up your business and has higher degree of complexity are listed as below

1. More clients added to clientele

2. Increase in team size and
3. Continuous revenue generation

Scaling is great but only when you’re tactically managing it all!

The last thing you want growing is your list of problems and worries. It’ll be spectacular if these positives can retain while you make sure that it’s just these and not your problems and discrepancies that are scaling in tandem.

Abra-ca-dabra won’t do the trick and neither will sleep with one eye open help you. So if this spell doesn’t work let us spell out something that will ‘CRM’. See these 4 ways a CRM solution can open your perspective & unleash you with the power of manning all these like a boss!

CRM solutions to scale up your business

1. Safe-keep and nurture your big data:

Handle your big data, centrally store it and keep it easily accessible, a CRM can do this heavy duty task easily. In short why stunt your Intel with dormant data when you can use resilient data storage? 

2. Minimize your sales fall out:

A CRM lets you keep records and important details of all clients and leads right from their contact, company details to the preferences and specifications of their enquiry, purchase, communication history, etc. So you’re not just sitting on some pile of information, you can use this actionable data in the future.

3. Follow-up functionality scales with your team:

Tasks for sales follow-ups remain equally easy and free of dysfunctions. So the only thing a CRM would lag is “lags”. 

4. Enjoy a penetrating view of your business empire:

A smart & compact SuiteCRM dashboard and it’s intelligent reports serve as your crystal ball constantly giving you a penetrating view for even the minutest and the most critical aspects of your organization’s sales. Request for SuiteCRM dashboard development demo to know how your organization as a whole as well as each individual salesperson can perform in the present and past month, last quarter, last year, etc.

Effective Sales management using CRM

#1  Leverage

  • There should lower sales rep to manager so that it is easier for the each manager to train, they have the potential to impact eight individual sellers.
  • The inverse of this is true as well – a bad manager can negatively impact the quotas of eight reps. Poor management ability and demotivation leadership styles can quickly bring down the performance of a sales team and effect retention as well.
  • Numerous research studies have shown that employees quit because of their relationship with their manager, not because of other job factors or their compensation. In an environment where it is extremely difficult and costly to hire exceptional sales professionals, the last thing you want to do is have bad managers causing them to underperform and leave the organization.
  • Good sales management training programs that include Hiring, Managing, Coaching and Leadership skills can create positive ripple effects in the organization by creating more effective managers and leaders.

#2 A Training Foundation

  • Laying the foundation for a sales transformation program by investing in the managers just makes good sense. The managers will be the ones who determine day-in and day-out whether the skills get applied, reinforced and coached.
  • If the management foundation isn’t in place, the program will suffer once the reps return to the field after training and are faced with other priorities and challenges.
  • The managers need to have the skills and tools to support the program going forward. Training aids can be coaching checklists, job aids, reinforcement guides and ongoing training materials will be important when the full program is rolled out.

#3  Buy-In and Support

  • One of the most critical components of a successful sales program is what happens before, during and after the actual training. For the managers, they must understand what’s coming before their reps receive training.
  • The managers must see the connection to how the program will improve their team’s performance and what they can do to help ensure success.  How the manager acts and what they say about the program can have a profound impact on how the individual reps perceive the program and how they feel about it going forward.
  • Being able to share their enthusiasm, support and personal investment in the ongoing program will send a strong message to the sales team that the manager is behind the change.

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#4 A Coaching Culture

  • Any future training conducted for the sales reps will need to be coached and reinforced, and the best way to do this is through the frontline sales managers. Teaching the managers how to coach and what skills to coach will enable them to support the larger training program once it is rolled out.  
  • It has been suggested through many studies that sales coaching improves performance. A recent CSO Insights report shows that organizations where sales coaching exceeded expectations achieved a much higher percentage of quota than those organizations where coaching was lacking.
  • Training the individual sellers in the sales organization is critical and necessary, but when embarking on a sales transformation effort, start with the sales managers first. Or as Mike Kunkle said, “Make them great, and they’ll make many others great.”

#5 Ownership for The Training

  • To support continuous learning, training needs to ongoing and delivered at the point of need – which can best be accomplished by the frontline sales manager. No amount of investment in classroom sales training can satisfy the ongoing training required throughout the year.
  • Investing in sales managers just makes sense. The more effective the managers can be at hiring, managing, coaching, training and leading their teams the more successful the sales team will be at achieving their objectives.

#5 SuiteCRM Integration with Xero Accounting

Xero is a premium and popular accounting software it empowers your SuiteCRM to make management of invoicing, expenses, reconciliation with customer data for billing and book keeping a minimal-effort affair.

The synergy of Xero and SuiteCRM is a double bonanza, as SuiteCRM Xero Accounting Integration by Fynsis brings a seamless flow of data of customers from inside your CRM to the actual billing system in useful handshake so the bills can be generated within CRM.

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