Eurojackpot Lottery Draw – How Can It Change Your Life?

Is €10 million enough to change your life? How about €90 million? Well, if any of these figures can change your life, then a Eurojackpot lottery draw is what you need to look out for.

About Eurojackpot lottery

Eurojackpot is one of the most popular lottery games in Slovakia. This European lottery game has great features that make players attracted to it. The biggest feature is its jackpot prize. It has a minimum jackpot prize of €10 million, which is on a rollover basis. It can go up to €90 million.

eurojackpot lottery

It is a pretty simple game that doesn’t require a lot. You just buy a ticket and select your lucky numbers. Once you have the numbers, you sit back and wait for the big day when the draw is conducted.

When are Eurojackpot draws conducted?

If you are in Slovakia, you must be worried about the day and time of the Eurojackpot draw. This is why the Slovak google search engine has overenie Eurojackpot dnes as one of the leading searches in the country. So, when should you expect the Eurojackpot draw?

The draw is conducted every Friday at 6:00 PM UTC. If you are in Slovakia, this should be Friday at 20:00. The draw happens every Friday so you should be punctual if you want the thrill of a live draw.

You don’t have to watch the live draw. Eurojackpot draws are revealed on the LottoPark website. You can also check them there if you missed the draw.

What happens during the draw?

You are probably asking yourself how a single draw can change your life. This is a valid concern. When you have your Eurojackpot ticket with its numbers, you wait for the draw to reveal the week’s winning numbers. As soon as all the numbers are released, you check them against your lucky numbers.

Players who match the numbers correctly win the prizes. The most amazing prize is for the player that has matched all numbers correctly. Your life could change instantly if you have 7 numbers matched for you will win the jackpot prize.

But you don’t have to worry if you cannot match all numbers. There are different tiers of prizes that you could win. These prizes can also change your life.

Tips before the draw

There are silly mistakes that players make, which could make them lose their earnings during the draw. Check out these tips to stay safe and enjoy the draw.

  • Don’t lose your ticket

You should not lose the physical ticket if you bought it from a retail shop. You won’t be awarded any prize for claiming that you won the prize without showing the ticket.

The best solution for this is to buy your tickets online where your details are stored. This could help you track your winnings well.

  • Don’t confuse the draws

Every week there is a draw. The draws are specific to the tickets bought for that draw. For example, you cannot use the same ticket for multiple draws. You should know the date of the draw for your ticket when buying it.

Again, getting your ticket online is the solution here.

  • Always claim your winnings immediately

When you win, claim it immediately. You might forget and end up having forfeited the win.

Now you know how important the weekly draws are and how they can change your life.

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