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Apple has announced that it will be offering free service for specific devices. The company said the receiving model did not work properly for a few due to a problem with a sound component in the iPhone 12 series.

iPhone 12 and Pro users in India can avail company’s corporate services for free if they encounter any issues with their mobile. Apple will repair the sound component only for free. The company has announced that if there are any other issues, it will not come under this scheme.

Apple Free Service

Which Devices can utilize Apple’s free services?

Apple has recently found that the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models, which were manufactured between October 2020 and April 2021, have also been experiencing some problems recently. It has been announced that free repairs and necessary services have been provided for both these models.

What are the Free Services Offered by Apple for iPhone 12?

If there are any other issues with these two models of the iPhone 12 series, this sound-related issue will be repaired after it is fixed first. In addition, service charges will be levied in addition to the iPhone 12 Series devices that require special repairs. So, this free service is only available if you have this particular sound problem. Your iPhone must be under warranty to receive other repair services for free.

Information on the total number of damaged units in the iPhone 12 series has not yet been released. The company is expected to announce it soon. Apple has said that before you offer your iPhone for free repairs, back up the data on your mobile to PC or iCloud.

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