Here’s How To Enhance Your Truck or Jeep in 2022

As 2021 comes to a close, you may already be writing your goals and resolutions for 2022. As you pen your list, be sure to add in enhancements for your truck or jeep right next to building healthy habits or above eating more green vegetables. Adding to your ride is not only an achievable goal that looks good on the road, but it makes you feel good too. Unlike a costly membership, vehicle enhancements are useful all year long. Find out how to enhance your truck or jeep in the coming year.

Performance Parts

There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that your vehicle handles better than you thought it could. Regular maintenance keeps vehicles running smoothly and is recommended no matter the number of additions or mods. However, performance additions like superchargers, King shocks, and exhaust systems boost performance to peak potential. Engine power can be heightened, your ride can be smoother, and fuel efficiency can be increased with the right parts.

how to enhance jeep

Jeep Tops

While performance is something you can feel but may not be something everyone else notices, your choice of jeep tops for 2022 is a more visual option. Others will see and want to compare notes. Be sure to select an awning that amplifies your existing body and your primary purpose. For jeeps, you can choose between soft tops, hard tops, and brief tops for drivetime use with even more options for storage. If you plan to try rock crawling in 2022, consider adding on a jeep TJ hard top for more protection from potential tipping and rolling.

Truck Tops

For trucks, you will have a choice of hard tops, soft tops, and tonneau covers. Many truck owners prefer tonneau covers because they do not pile on additional heft to an already bulky body. However, for avid campers and hunters, truck soft tops are preferred options that meet multiple needs, including lodging, storage, and protection from the elements. Soft tops are easily stored and require little effort in installing and breaking down.

Tires and Wheels

Another focal point of conversation and performance, your choice of wheels, is integral for your goals in 2022. If you’re going offroading in the mountains, consider choosing steel wheels and wide tires for grip and stability. If you plan on doing plenty of dune and beach skipping, cast alloy wheels and deeply grooved tires are a better fit for the slippery sand. You can also choose wheels that match your tires in a black-on-black combo that keeps you stylish while hitting the open road. Choosing truck rims and tires that fit your purpose is the best way to enhance your performance, whether on the creek banks or the big rocks.
No matter your other resolutions for the coming year, make it a priority to upgrade your truck or jeep with quality parts and add-ons that enhance performance. Come December 2022, you’ll thank yourself for making a goal that you enjoyed keeping all year long.

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