How do I get a VoIP number?


How do I get a VoIP number?

In 2021, the telephone system is no longer as efficient as it once was. Indeed, with the increase in the number of people working remotely, as well as the expansion of the geographic scope of the business, landline phones simply cannot cope with the consumption of business in today’s environment. Today, in order to be a competitive company, as well as simply to optimize communication in the work process as much as possible, it is necessary to provide yourself with a cloud PBX from a quality provider. As of today, the main and most reliable provider of Internet telephony for various directions is HotTelecom. This company guarantees its customers a large package of functions as well as unique telephone solutions suitable for you.

First-class services from HotTelecom for every client

  • tariff plans for the required directions of calls;
  • voice quality, no distortion, no digital interference
  • ease of setting up programs and equipment, own developments and functions;
  • integration with additional services (CRM, instant messengers).
  • VoIP telephony is able to connect to any CRM system and other business applications

hottelecomWhat is a VoIP number?

The virtual number looks like a regular one. It is issued in the same codes as regular city numbers. The difference is that the number is not tied to a physical communication line leading to the office. Calls to it are provided by a service provider, processed according to the rules specified by the client, and redirected to any client phone. The phone can be in the office or at home, it can be a city, mobile, software (so-called softphone), or IP device.

how to get voip number

To install such a number, no complicated schemes and fraud are required. The connection process looks like this

  • Registration on the HotTelecom website
  • The client chooses a number from the list
  • Indicates country and city
  • Specifies the device for call forwarding
  • Payment is made and the number becomes fully available.

Why VoIP (IP-telephony) technology is so important for doing business?

For IP telephony in business, it is important to reduce the company’s costs with high communication efficiency. VOIP communication allows you to use multiple phones on multiple lines without significant costs, create multiple accounts, which is convenient for office work.

You can also easily connect such advantages as:

  • Auto redial
  • Call forwarding
  • Conference calls
  • Smart answering machine
  • Voice menu

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