How To Allocate Timings for Yoga?


How To Allocate Timings for Yoga: Yoga is living a meaningful and happy life in harmony with all beings. If we consider yoga as just Asanas, Pranayama, or beautification we might not be able to find the time. But even that is merely a shallow excuse. Brought up in Germany and living now in California I know the speed of today’s existence.

If we check our life and have a strong interest in living a happy life we don’t have to change too much to live yoga every day, every minute, every second. How? Let me give you some ideas from my own experience and the suggestions I heard from others.

How To Allocate Timings for Yoga

Here comes an important step for living a mindful life, go through your day and check where, instead of thinking about this and that unnecessarily, you can have your attention on your in and out-breath. Some hints, while commuting by bus, train, etc. if our attention is on our breath, we don’t complain even in our mind about the overcrowded public transport. We are just happy breathing in and out.

And not only that, we explore how and where the movement of the breath is in our body. The mind will move, but we bring the wavering mind back to the in and out breath with gentle effort.

If you check your day further, you will find many time slots and situations where you are just happily breathing mindfully. Try it out, you will be surprised how easy and how effective it is.

Moving, walking, standing, sitting, lying down, work movements, eating, drinking are all movements. Some movements/positions can be easily combined with breathing.

To make it short, because I think we understand the easy principle – if you eat, you eat. If you walk, you walk. If you brush your teeth, you brush your teeth, and so on. You will soon see that you enjoy life much more.

You will really see the beautiful flower, the smiling child, you will eat the mango full-heartedly, feeling wonderful, instead of thinking how worse or better the mango was last year!

Life is lived now, in the present moment as it is, beyond likes and dislikes, worries, fears, and other agitations in the mind. If, and they will, Kleshas and Vasanas arise in your day-to-day living, don’t take them so seriously anymore. See them for what they are – impermanent and without substance. Don’t get attached, but let go, living your life skilfully from moment to moment. Happiness, peace, and relaxedness will naturally unfold in you. It is easy, only your interest has to be in being with what is worthwhile.

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