How to Check if an Online Casino Bonus is Good


There has never been a better time to gamble online. Increased safety, beautiful visuals, high-paying games, safe banking, mobile support—today’s online casinos leverage technology to provide delightful gambling experiences to all their customers.

Many of these websites also welcome you with bonuses, ensuring you don’t have to spend a lot of money on slots, poker and blackjack. With the best bonuses, you can cashout your profits. 

online casino bonus

There’s a catch, though. Finding a good casino bonus is easier said than done. Use these tips to help you find the best online casino bonuses in India. Let’s get started.

Offered by a Reputable Casino

When finding bonuses, you’ll get offers from dozens of casino sites. List bonuses from top-rated operators and compare them to determine which bonus to claim. Top-rated casinos tend to offer the best promotions all-round.

More importantly, they provide quality gambling experiences. Let’s start with technical support. Not only do they have user-friendly websites, top-ranking operators also design their sites to support mobile gaming.

On the other hand, choosing a reliable casino ensures you get to play a wide range of quality games. You see, the best operators offer slots and live casino games from respected developers like NetEnt, Microgaming and Evolution.

Another reason to choose bonuses from a good casino is the assurance of withdrawing your profits. Top-tier operators pay out fast, whether it’s a cashout from a bonus or not.

Offers a Fair Bonus Amount

Every casino has a unique way of rewarding its customers. Some websites give you $10 or $20 as a no deposit bonus. You get this bonus for registering an account at a new casino.

Some casinos match your first deposit 100%. Let’s say you deposit $20 to play slots. The house could match this money with a $20 bonus. Usually, there’s a maximum bonus limit of $100, $200 or even $500.

Then there are casinos with 400% bonuses. You deposit and spend $10. They give you $30 or $40 as a bonus. On the other hand, some operators give you free spins when you deposit money.

Now, deciding whether a bonus amount is good enough depends on your expectations. Maybe you want a 200% bonus. In that case, you’ll need to rule out 100% bonuses. Perhaps you want bonuses that include free spins for playing slots.

You Can Withdraw Bonus Winnings

Every time you discover a casino bonus, start by learning whether you can withdraw your profits. If bonuses winnings are non-withdrawable, it’s not an offer you should claim.

The ideal casino bonus allows you to withdraw your profits. What’s more, you can cashout a decent amount. Every operator will usually tell you the maximum you can withdraw from their bonuses.

With no deposit bonuses, $100 to $500 is a decent cashout limit. For deposit-based bonuses, strive for casinos that let you withdraw up to $5000.

You Can Play Your Favorite Games

What’s the point of a casino bonus if you can’t use it to play your favorite games? Luckily, this isn’t a problem you’ll encounter if you join a good operator. The best casinos allow you to play a full range of games using their bonuses.

To expound more, most casinos list the software providers and games you can play through a bonus. Check out these lists to confirm you can indeed play your favorite slots or live casino games using a welcome bonus.

While in the process, ensure the games allowed have high RTP rates. RTP is short for Return to Player. It shows a game’s payout rate out of 100. Playing high RTP games increases your chances of winning.

Fair Wager Requirements

This might sound obvious to some but casinos are in the business of making money. When they give you a bonus, they expect to gain something from you—creating an account, depositing money or continuing to be a loyal customer.

What’s more, most casinos have a bonus rule known as playthrough or wager requirements. They use this rule to ensure you spend real money on their games before you can withdraw your bonus winnings.

The rule also helps limit a casino’s losses. It can give you $100 as a bonus. But with a requirement to spend 40x your bonus amount as playthrough, the house is assured of recouping some of that money.

With that in mind, every casino has different wager requirements. Look for a bonus with playthrough terms you can manage. If you’re lucky you can find a promotion with zero wager requirements, allowing you to cashout bonus winnings immediately you win.

Ample Validity Time

Many casinos have a time limit for claiming and using their bonuses. They also limit the wager requirement fulfilment period. If you delay, you risk losing your bonus and subsequent winnings.

Usually, the bonus validity period ranges from seven days to a month. This is enough time to activate a bonus and use it. However, beware of 24-hour bonuses. Claim them only if you want to use up a bonus instantly.

When it comes to fulfilling wager terms, ensure you have at least 90 days to meet the requirements. This will give you enough time to find the money and time required to fulfill the terms.

Favorable Game Weighting Rules

Game weighting is yet another rule you have to fulfill before you cashout your bonus winnings. It is a rule that dictates how much money each casino game contributes toward fulfilling playthrough.

A casino could decide NetEnt slots contribute 100% while all other slots contribute 50%. What’s more, table games weigh in 50%. If you play NetEnt slots like Starburst, the amount you spend is deducted from the playthrough amount.

Let’s say you need to spend $600 before you can withdraw $2000 in bonus winnings. If you spend $100 at a NetEnt slot, it will be deducted from your $600 total. 

Now, you need to find a bonus through which your favorite games contribute 100%. This way, you won’t be forced to play low-paying slots to meet playthrough.

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