How to spy on Windows PC with Computer Spy Software


No parents will be cruel to let their children suffer alone for misdeeds happening in an online world. So, it is always better to be aware than to repent. Sometimes, parents miss the chance of getting close to their children and it leads their kids to some of the harmful activities. Similarly, business owners or managers can be found worried about their confidential and private information about the organization. The one way to save your kids as well as an organization from and forgery, one must know about the computer spy software. There are plenty of features in a single software that can help you know about the activities of the target device.

If you want to know about everything your child is doing on their PC, TheOneSpy is here selling itself for the amazing and precise features for spying on the windows PC. Go through the purchasing process and you will be able to use these features without any obstacles. Subscription and getting the credentials as soon as possible is the main concern before moving on further to the usage of the software. For TheOneSpy, it is quite easy and you can process its membership through their online platform.

Features to help you Spy over the Windows PC

Everything in the 21st century comes handy to technology. The new generation is smart enough to know about the tactics and little tips about the technologies. However, on the other hand, as their parent, you might be unable to grasp the complete idea of anything like this completely.

So, supervise your kids with one of the best software. It will provide you the secret eye to catch any harmful damages before they reach out to your child. So, use this guide to get the insight into the software and you can use it the way you want.

What you can do with TheOnespy software on your children’s PC?

Following is the list of features and their specific functions that one can use to ensure the best for your children. It may be one risky way to protect your kids from any online damages, but this is reliable and trustworthy too. So, go through the features and understand their functionality to make it all happen.

  • Track Computer for online and offline activities

The software will help you track down all activities either offline or online. So, in case you are thinking if they are hiding something from you, you can now get access to it too through TheOneSpy.

  • Monitoring with accuracy

The monitoring feature of the software is amazing. You won’t have coverage gaps while monitoring their activities. So, you get exact information and without any delays or loss of any data.

  • Alarms for specific activities

You can also create alarms for the specific activities that your children might be trying or doing. So, even if you are away from the control panel, you will be alarmed for the danger.

  • Invisible tracking

You can set the software to the invisibility. Your kids may be smart, but the software is ahead of them and ensuring the support to the parents as much as it can provide to protect the kids.

  • Screenshots

If you want, you can capture the screenshots to keep the record of the activities for later use. The software allows you to take the live screen recording too.

  • Block websites

If you think your child can access harmful websites or something that can affect their health or life. You can easily block those websites automatically and prevent them from accessing it.

  • User-friendly reports

This software will also provide you user-friendly reports to keep track of all the activities of the windows. You can access the information whenever it is convenient for you. So, the software is always there for you to help you in looking after your kids.


The main aim over here is to save kids from becoming the target of any harmful activities online or offline through this friendly and reliable computer spy software. TheOneSpy is the one software that can help you with it. Therefore, do not hesitate before purchasing it as it is only good for your children’s safety after all. 

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