Importance Of UPSC Previous Year Questions For Aspirants


Going to appear for UPSC CSE 2022? Wondering how and where to start from? Well, just by reading the title you might have figured out exactly what this article will advise you. Listen or read the interviews of UPSC CSE toppers, they all advocate for solving UPSC previous year papers. Have you ever wondered why? This article will tell you all about it and also provide you with previous year questions. Read along.

The Civil Services Examination (CSE) conducted by the Union Public Service Commission is known for its extensive and comprehensive syllabus. Besides other qualities, a civil services aspirant is known for grasping power and inquisitiveness. As only then a person can compete to take on one of the toughest examinations in the world. One should take the right measures and at the right time to be adequately prepared for the upcoming UPSC CSE 2022. Of all the measures, one most important one would be to solve UPSC previous year questions, let’s understand why.

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Why Is It Advised To Solve Previous Year Questions For UPSC?

Let’s understand why is it repeated by toppers and experts to solve UPSC previous year questions besides mocks and test series.

  • Attempting previous year papers is like diving into the examiner’s mind and finding out the extent to which it travels to set the level of questions.
  • Solving previous year questions helps us recognise the type and difficulty level of questions set by the commission.
  • By attempting the questions asked in the previous year papers you can assess your thoroughness and accuracy.
  • They help you understand the weightage given to different topics in different years and based on that one can prepare a study plan.
  • One does not have to go way back, previous year papers of just 5-6 years back are enough for you to realise marks distribution and paper pattern well. 
  • Previous year papers are best to stop revision as solving even one previous year paper a day will prepare you holistically for the exam. As it will help you manage time during the actual exam and hence boost your confidence.
  • If you solve previous year questions attentively you will be able to predict the nature and type of questions likely to be asked in the upcoming exams.
  • Many times the nature and the type of questions asked are repeated, for a person who has solved previous year papers, it would be like cracking a lottery. 

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What Is The Best Way To Solve UPSC Previous Year Papers?

Solving previous papers is just like revising prior to the exams. Therefore, it is necessary that it is done efficiently to get optimum benefits out of it. Follow the points mentioned below.

  • Attempt after completing the syllabus thoroughly as only then you will be able to assess yourself better.
  • Set yourself and the ambience according to the actual exam to combat the exam fear prior to the exam.
  • Focus on time, speed and accuracy as the three factors will help you reach the target score easily.
  • Keep a small notebook while attempting the paper and keep a record of repeated formulas, concepts, facts on which questions are mostly asked in different years. 
  • Analyze your performance along with solving pyqs. Therefore keep a record of your performance.
  • With every paper, increase your speed and find out areas where you score well as well as where you lose.
  • Increase your accuracy by identifying your silly mistakes and making sure not to repeat them.

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