Issues facing new graduate


People praise you for hard work and determination during graduation, but nobody tells what life after college will be like. Whether you are choosing a career path or going back to school to advance your studies, you need to make some critical decisions. Read on to get some tips to help you have a smooth transition from campus to life after graduation.

Choose either career path or advance your studies 

After finish ng your degree, you can decide to either proceed to a career or grow your studies. There is no problem with taking a career path. Most employers need a graduate degree which you will already be having upon graduation.

issues faced by new graduates

You may decide to take a career path and advance on your degree. If you have a passion for specializing in a degree, you may enroll in a master’s program and gain more knowledge in your course. 

Suppose you are taking a career path or going back to class with no problem. Both have advantages related to your professional growth.

If you need to take a career path, the advice is that sharpen your job-hunting skills. Employers need to see how you demonstrate your skills and professionalism.

Choosing career path 

if you decide to choose a career path, be open mind ended. Do not limit your mind to one specialization. Usually, an average graduate can shift from 4-5 different careers before moving on with the most suitable one. Find career advisers to help you in making a sound decision.

So, where do you begin? First, determine your current passion and strength. Carry out research to determine the organization values that you cherish most.

Make use of the college resource centers. Find career advisers and let them help you in mapping your career path. Such people have experience and updated knowledge on the trends and changes in the job market. Career personnel can also link you to internship opportunities where you can learn new job skills.

If you majored in a field you are not sure about and need to make changes, move to career exploration centers and sites to get further information on how to change from your current field.

Deciding where to live 

If you’re a fresh graduate who wished to live in a city apartment away from home, but you find yourself coming back home, you aren’t alone. Most graduates without a decent job have found themselves in the same situation.

If you have an opportunity to live home has some advantages. You enjoy a low cost of living. You have access to laundry services, eat home-based meals, and use the home utilities.

Staying with parents at home has some challenges. Though you are a grown-up, other siblings see you as their peers. You can also find yourself falling back to an old system that your counterpart graduates living in the city cannot try. Your parent will be doing much for you, including laundry, cooking, and other domestic chores.

If you decide to move to an apartment with either a friend or alone, you will also have some benefits to enjoy. You have the freedom to choose anything your wish. You want privacy and have a whole experience of being an adult.

Living alone in an apartment is also expensive, especially if you are still searching for a job or working on an entry job with low-paying wages. There are general factors to consider before choosing where to stay. You must find out the following:

  • The place you want to live
  • The kind of amenities you want, such as laundry services, food among others
  • The leasing terms and conditions.
  • The age of people living in that apartment
  • The services charges to determine affordability

Decide to live in your home nearby town or move away 

After you clear your campus, you may either live in the nearby city or relocate to a city away from home. Regardless of your decision, ensure you update all your vital information, such as your home address, bank details, among others. Ensure places you move to have all the necessary social amenities you need for a quality life.

Decision on your cash management 

As you graduate, your cash flow can surprise you. You will find that the amount you get is too little then you expected. Similarly, your expenses will be higher than you first thought.

Suppose you have your first salary budget wisely. Understand your gross income and the amount you need for your social security and other amenities. Determine your expenses and priorities them to avoid overspending on unnecessary items. Check if you have a student loan you need to pay and start making payments.

Investing for future 

Once you have settled all your outstanding student loans and managed to pay for your bills, it is time to think about the future. Make savings and invest for the future.


Moving out of school comes with a lot of responsibilities. You must decide what you want before making the next move. 

Whether you choose to further your studies or find a job, well and good, provided you choose the most suitable path to take.

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