Must-know Facts About PlayerzPot And GetMega To Win The Best Bonuses


GetMega is an online gaming platform that functions in accordance with the legal guideline, rules, and regulations of India’s legal system. It allows players to participate and win through various skill-based games in three different categories, cards,casual and trivia. The games have nothing to do with gambling or guessing of any sort.

There are an array of options in apps and gaming platforms that offer the opportunity to play exciting games and get the chance to win real cash rewards online. Given below is a closer insight into various aspects of PlayerzPot and GetMega which are two such fantasy gaming platforms that are winning the hearts of multiple players every day.

Bonus and Other Rewards in PlayerzPot and GetMega

Bonus at the time of Sign-up

PlayerzPot offers its users the chance to avail an exciting bonus at the time of sign-up. The bonus is received by the user once they sign in using the PlayerzPot gaming app. 

GetMega offers a bonus of Rupees 5 to its newly signed up users, which the player can later on use to play the available games on the GetMega app.

Referral Bonus and Rewards

PlayerzPot offers quite an interesting referral bonus and rewards to its players. Players can refer the app to their friends and family once they fully sign in using the app. The player can either send a link or refer to using a referral code and earn cash rewards or even a small percentage of the bonus.

The referral bonus and rewards on GetMega are attractive and even more thrilling. When a player invites another prospect user and plays a game with them, they earn rewards and referral bonuses. Every successful referral on GetMega allows the user a chance to win an easy Rupees 10. However, in order to ensure that authentic players are playing on the gaming platform, there are certain criteria that need to be adhered to. 

The criteria are mentioned below:

  • The player to whom the referral is being sent to should be a part of the referee’s contact book list
  • Both parties, the referral and the referee are required to play a game using the video chat mode of the app.

Real and Authentic Players

PlayerzPot only allows authentic and real players who are of legal age, that is 18 years and above to participate and play in the app.

GetMega allows only 100% safe and verified profiles to participate in the games available on the platform. The players are verified through their mobile phones or Facebook account and profile inputs. No bots are accepted and the app only features skill-based games that require sheer skill and no guessing, gambling or luck.


100% Verified and legal players are allowed to play and win real money through social games in the GetMega App. Children and bots are not allowed to play. 

Fast Secured Payments 

PlayerzPot offers players a chance to play and win cash rewards but also require a certain entry fee, for this it provides ample payment method options such as UPI, Net Banking and preferably, PayTM.

GetMega provides fast cash outs through safe and secure payment methods and channels such as PayTM, PhonePe, Gpay, and Bank Transfer. Players are offered the chance to withdraw their winning rewards in just a minute through these safe methods on GetMega. 

Safe and Secured

PlayerzPot is a safe and secured gaming platform as it allows only players of legal age to participate in fantasy games and win real cash rewards. It offers clarity to the players as they can check their account balance in the app on the top-right corner.

Safety and security is of paramount importance to GetMega so that their platform can be the safest and of the highest standard. Only verified players of age 18 and above are allowed to participate. GetMega is a member of the All India Gaming Federation, ensuring that it is functioning within the legal binds of the Indian laws and they have Random Number Generator (RNG) certificate from top international bodies. 

The RNG Certifications ensures Random Outcome, meaning the game is in no way rigged or biased to anybody playing. Fair Card Shuffles, Encrypted Card Decks are other benefits and assurances of the RNG Certificate that GetMega offers to its players.

New Audio-Video Feature

The sound and visual experience is incredible in PlayerzPot, however it currently does not have the video chatting feature available on it.

GetMega, is currently the only gaming platform available in India that offers the new and very exciting video chatting feature. It offers the chance to experience and enjoy high resolution and quality video and sound. It makes the whole process of gaming a much more exciting experience with family and friends.

Beware of scamming online gaming platforms claiming to be authentic. Check respective websites and app ratings before involving yourself in the gaming platform and playing. Your skills could go in vain in those fraudulent places when there are legitimate apps like GetMega and PlayerzPot available online.

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