Natural Gas Consolidates as Future Energy


In the opinion of many experts, natural gas is called to play an important role in the short and medium term in the decarbonisation of the world economy, as a mere energy of transition towards a future dominated by electric power.

However, in view of the current technological and industrial development, the panorama of a transport powered by electricity as the main energy source, while waiting for the batteries to gain autonomy and lighten their weight, only seems realistic in the very long term, while The option of having an energy mix that can serve as an effective alternative to oil derivatives is gaining strength. Active Energy Ontario can provide the natural gas as well as power supply.

In contrast, in recent years the applications of natural gas, both in land transport and in the sea, have not stopped growing and, in view of the investments committed in different areas for the coming years, it does not seem that this energy go to decay. Moreover, it seems, as some experts indicate, that natural gas will live an important takeoff in the decade of 2020.

Natural gas as a fuel:

Natural gas seems to have become strong in some segments of transport due to its own merits and, in view of how the associated technology is evolving. On the one hand, in the transport of goods by road, natural gas seems to have gained a place in long-distance travel, by autonomy, performance, availability, ease of use and market options. Active Energy Ontario is a well known power supplier.

Truck manufacturers have multiplied their supply of gas vehicles in recent years, while they have been bringing the performance of engines powered by this energy to those of other comparable units that use diesel as fuel, just in a segment of activity in which electric batteries cannot compete mainly due to factors such as their lower autonomy and their weight, which means losing load capacity.

On the other hand, in maritime transport, natural gas seems to be truly established as an alternative technology for the future, just when the sector is facing a radical change in its levels of polluting emissions. This is evidenced by both the acquisition of new ships propelled by natural gas that have made different shipping companies, as well as investments in facilities that are carrying out ports in different areas of the world to supply gas vessels and carry out bunkering operations .

In maritime transport, investments tend to move large sums of money over long periods of time, so the sector looks for proven and reliable technologies that can be profitable in the medium and long term, something that they seem to have found in natural gas.

Throughout history it has been possible to verify that the most realistic technologies have been imposed on more avant-garde and risky proposals, precisely because of their greater capacity to adapt to the real needs of markets, companies and people. Natural gas seems to have become strong in some segments of transport due to its own merits and, in view of how the state of the art is evolving in the past; it seems that it will remain for a long time.

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