New Apple products to be introduced at the Apple Spring event


Apple Spring event: On March 8, Apple announced that it would be hosting a major virtual event entitled “Peak Performance”. It is said that these may be introduced at this event as there is high demand for Mac Mini and MacBook Pro in India. The show will start on March 8 at 11:30 pm Indian time.

A few months ago Apple hosted a similar event virtually. In it, Apple introduced various new products. In that regard, Apple is expected to launch its new products on March 8, International Women’s Day. While Apple has not released any official information about what products we are going to launch till now. It is expected that the new iPhone iPad and MacBook will be launched in India.

It has been reported that the third generation iPhone with 5G, the new iPod Air, and at least two Mac Buccaneers will be launched in the Indian market.

What are the Products to be Released by Apple?

iPhone 5G connectivity

Although Apple has not yet confirmed the release of these products, many are saying that the event is aimed at launching iPhones at affordable prices. With its new hardware and 5G connectivity, the third generation iPhone SE is said to be the highlight. Apple, which is launching the iPhone at an affordable price in India, may continue to launch this version in various countries. Customers who buy 5G Android phones may prefer the lower-priced iPhones.

Apple Spring event

iPod Air5

The next product to be introduced at the show is the iPod Air 5. In 2020, Apple introduced the iPod Air 4. As a sequel, it is expected to be an upgraded new model. Features include an A15 Bionic chipset, 5G connectivity, and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera.

Apple MacBook

MacBooks have millions of fans. It has been reported that the company is going to launch exclusive new Mac versions tailored to the wishes and needs of the customers. It is rumored that three new MacBooks could be unveiled at the event.

Apple Spring Event Live Stream

Apple’s event will be broadcast live on multiple platforms. Apple users can watch this live event through the Apple TV App. As well as iPad, Mac, and Apple TV users can watch this virtual show live through the Apple TV App. For non-Apple users, you can watch the event live on Apple’s official channel on the YouTube channel and on Apple’s official website.

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