Smart Watches: The Revolution Taking Over Analogues


Watches define the class of the person wearing it. It speaks of the phase and time the person is in. An expensive watch will express affluence while a low-end watch may define misery or financial depression. Watches talk about a lot about an individual as a whole. Glittery observations reveal that the person is jolly and active, while dark-coloured watches speak of them as a composite and professional person.

Well, nowadays, with the development of technology, people are wanting to buy smartwatches of fashionable trends. According to people, these watches can triumph over the age-old practice of wearing an analogue watch. These slim-design bands or wristwatches are lightweight and interactive. Also, they are comparatively cheaper than most high-end analogue watches. With the introduction of smartwatches, the tech-world seems to have gone crazy Companies like Xiaomi, Motorola, and Apple are launching smart bands every other month. The demand for the product is also very high. People like the features that come along with these watches. Heart rate measuring, calling facilities, and Bluetooth connections are some basic features of the low-end watches. The costlier smartwatches are equipped with AI, and you can track all your daily activities and fitness routines using them. Some of them operate through Alexa or Google AI, which means that you can use voice commands to operate these watches.

Analogue watches or the essential digital watches are still dominating the majority of the market. However, the way the new trend of AI and smart clocks is gripping the world, Swiss watch companies are now looking at new releases. Tissot, Hublot are some prominent companies that are thinking of discontinuing some watch models whose product life cycle (PLC) is at a mature stage. Instead, they are planning on launching the latest smartwatches that will contain state-of-the-art technologies. Critics say that this move is to sustain the customer loyalty of the band and not letting its consumers shift to other brands.

However, with this new generation of watches, the functionality of these watches are much more than seeing the date and time. Most of these watches can detect your pulse rate from your wrists and can even call a doctor through your phone if they sense your pulse rate below the permissible limit. Some of these moves are catching the eyes of the audience.

However, for just seeing the time, an analogue watch is the best suited. This is because the hands of the clock operate through quartz cells that close to accuracy. Also, if your smartwatches lose access to the cloud or the Internet, it can provide inaccurate results on time and date. The most significant disadvantage of smartwatches is that you need to charge them every week. The more the usage of the watch, the more you need to charge. This is a troubling scenario for hikers and travellers who often travel to destinations with no power supplies. Thus, smartwatches have their limitations. But, looking at the bigger picture, they have already bought a revolution in the clock market.

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