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BetterDocs – Appsumo Deal 2020 for $49.00

BetterDocs: Due to the nature of BetterDocs, I find the affiliation with a site such as RaidForums to be extremely concerning, because it can say a lot about the administrator of the website /...

BetterDocs – Appsumo Deal 2019 for $49

BetterDocs:BetterDocs thrown around quite a bit, so I figured I would leave this warning here because I think doing so would be appropriate. If the moderators of this subreddit consider this post to be...

BetterDocs – Appsumo Black Friday Deal 2019

BetterDocs; A Discord enhancement project. Free quality Themes and Plugins for Discord and easy installation instructions for BetterDiscord and more! Logo originally made by BeardDesign. Create & Manage Knowledge Base Documentations Effectively To Reduce Support Tickets,...