The Most Important Pros and Cons of Sports Betting in India


Betting on sports is a popular type of gambling game that has been played around the world for hundreds of years. In olden times, a few professional gamblers used to bet on various sports, but now in this twenty-first century of IT and technology, betting games has become easier for everyone. Nowadays, anyone with a smartphone can bet on a sport by downloading an app or by browsing any online betting site. Due to this ease of access to these betting platforms, the rising number of players of this betting game is increasing every day by leaps and bounds, and most of them are youngsters and teenagers. When it comes to India, the effect of this new trend is explicitly noticeable. As a sport, cricket is very popular in India; most of the betting is placed around this game, especially at the time of the IPL. As everything has some advantages and disadvantages, this game is also no exception.

sports betting in india

Pros of betting in India

  1. Low odds: Current betting rules and systems are way more versatile than the previous classical betting systems. Due to these low odds, modern betting has become more of a game of skill and tactics than luck. Nowadays, it has become a game of skills that will test your knowledge about the sports you are betting on. Now, it is not only about predicting which team will win but also about choosing the players who will have a good performance in the game; by selecting that, even if your selected team loses the match, you can still win money based on your chosen player’s performance.
  2. Safe betting experience: Modern betting sites and apps have made betting easier. You don’t have to go anywhere outside these days. You can play these games in the comfort of your home just by accessing betting platforms with your mobile and computer. Many trusted sites are available, and all the transactions are secure and encrypted. It just requires playing with your skills and getting the winning money transferred to your bank account safely.
  3. Government’s increase in tax revenue: Since the beginning of this decade, many youngsters and teenagers have been playing this game, and the number is increasing rapidly. With the increasing number of players and demand, this betting site and platform also increase day by day. The more numbers of players and companies, the more income will be generated, which means an increase in tax revenue.
  4. More jobs: Due to the increasing number of betting platforms and companies in the country, more jobs are created in this field every day. As we all know that India has been suffering from unemployment for an extended period, every new employment opportunity is a gem for our country.
  5. New investment option: Due to the low odds, risk, and variety of games, betting has become a good investment opportunity. Like the stocks market, which demands skills, patience, and knowledge, modern betting sports games have also become a great way of investing money and doubling it in very little time.

Cons of betting in India:

  1. The Youth is getting addicted to it: As we have already discussed, the popularity of these betting games is increasing day by day in India. Because of that, more and more teenagers are getting addicted to this game. Modern gambling games indeed require skills, and without the right skills, it is very easy to lose money. Also, addiction to anything is pretty common in our lives. In many instances, teenagers waste lakhs of rupees on these games.
  2. Gambling addiction causing mental illness and crimes: It does not matter how much skills and knowledge these betting games require to win you money. It is nothing but gambling that can cause addiction, epic financial losses, mental distress, and crimes.
  3. Promotion of gambling: As discussed previously, these betting games are a form of gambling, and the Indian government does not support that. But recently, these new betting trends have sky-rocketed around the country. Everyone is playing and promoting these games as a game of skill; as a result, an ample number of gambling parlors have opened throughout the country. More and more new people and youngsters are drawn every day towards these games and gambling, which is why the interest in higher education and getting a job is decreasing among youngsters daily.

The popularity of betting in India is increasing day by day, and it is challenging to predict the future of this trend. But whatever the result, there will always be some significant and noticeable changes in India’s market of online and offline gaming industries.

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