The Scottish Old Firm

There are many well-established and long-standing football rivalries throughout the world. The betting company 1xbet Somalia gives opportunities to wager on all those spectacular matches.

That said, it is hard to beat the Scottish Old Firm derby – Glasgow Rangers vs Celtic – in terms of tradition and cultural embeddedness. Their rivalry goes far beyond simply supporting a football team. In fact, many are of the opinion that this derby separates Scottish society on two groups.

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These clubs are by far the most successful in Scottish football. To an extant that it would take other clubs decades to match their record.

Each of these clubs has won the Scottish league more than 50 times. Their closest challengers failed to even reach 10 titles, which include:

  • Aberdeen (4 titles);
  • Hearts (4);
  • Hibernian (4).

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Origins of the term

Nobody is completely sure about the origin of the term Old Firm, which refers to this match between Glasgow and Rangers. You can 1xBet app download to smartphone easy, to start wagering on these two squads at any moment and from anywhere.

There are basically two theories. The first one states that some football commentators called both squads “like two old, firm friends”. The second theory comes from a satirical cartoon from the early 1900s, which shows an old man that has a sign that reads “Patronise The Old Firm: Rangers, Celtic Ltd”. This phrase is in reference to the fact that matches between these two teams are also highly profitable for the entities behind the team.

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Rangers’ liquidation

Rangers were liquidated in 2012 due to its financial collapse. This meant that Celtic was basically alone in the Scottish Premier League for a few years. This competition is also available at, which offers pre-match and live wagering options.

Some Celtic fans claim that the Old Firm died once Rangers entered liquidation. Even though the club was later reborn to make Scottish Premier League return, and won titles again, some Celtic fans argue that this is not the “real” Rangers. Instead, they claim that the new team is a “zombie”. Whenever someone wants to wager on Rangers, Celtic or any team from Scotland, the best place to do so is 1xBet, which has lots of possible outcomes to bet.

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