The Modern Wonderland

Dubai is the most enticing and promising emirate in the United Arab Emirates UAE. It is the second largest and one of the most populous emirates out of seven emirates that make up the UAE. Well-known to the world for its cosmopolitan nature, one can find all nationalities residing here. Dubai is one of the most sought-after destinations for doing business and exuberates a flashy and luxurious lifestyle. 

things to do in dubai

Dubai is a go-to destination

The city is endowed with natural beauty with vast desert lands, creeks, and beaches. The climate is mostly warm and subtropical with abundant sunshine throughout the year. The official language is Arabic. Due to its cosmopolitan nature, other languages such as English, Hindi and dialects of Pashto, Balochi and Persian are also spoken.  The right time to visit Dubai is from November to April, in the winter. The Dubai shopping festival attracts a great number of tourists during January and February months. 

Dubai has its style statement in terms of its modern architecture. It ranges from the tallest building, the Burj, to uniquely designed hotels and residences. The marvels of architecture also attract tourists and a mere drive through the city radiates its modernity through the imposing and unique buildings all around. No doubt, Dubai is a city of skyscrapers!

There are many things to look out for in Dubai that cannot be skipped. 


Shopping: There are a lot of activities that attract tourists to Dubai. The city is a favourite when it comes to shopping. Dubai has all that can satisfy shoppers. It is strewn with shopping destinations; Dubai Mall is the most visited shopping hub in the city. It is one of the largest shopping malls in the world with about 1200 stores with an equally vast range of products. The Mall has an added attraction of the Aquarium and the underwater zoo that provides many breathtaking photo opportunities. 

Desert safari: Located amid the Arabian desert and along the Persian Gulf coast to the east, Dubai has a lot to offer in landscape variety. The sandy dunes of the desert entice the tourists to a range of activities. A very popular activity is the desert safari. There are several tour agencies which offer pick and drop for desert safari tours. The experience of driving over undulating dunes is what adventure is all about. 

A sit-out under the open sky with the dusk hue of the sunlight, one can only get mesmerized by the cultural showcase. The guests are treated to a variety of food platter of veg and non-veg kebabs and beverages along with the live performances. The belly dancers, stick man show and many such performances make the evening a memorable one. 

Hot air Balloon Rides: Get a bird’s eye view with the Hot Air Balloon in Dubai. The adventure is unmatched with the breathtaking views of the desert from the top. A beautiful sunrise is ready to be witnessed in this adventure ride. It is an unparalleled beauty to see the large falcons fly by and soar even higher. Glide through the sky on the vast dunes and make it memorable. Several tour operators in the city offer the ride. You have to be an early riser on that day to reach the launch site in an air-conditioned bus arranged by the tour operator. Rise high and gain a lifetime of experience with this Hot air balloon in Dubai. It’s a lifetime experience.

Tourist destinations

With a variety of natural and man-made attractions, Dubai boasts of desert adventure as well as the skyscrapers that adorn its skyline. There are several magnificent architectural marvels to list for a tourist in Dubai. They are all undoubtedly must-visit places. 

Ain Dubai: A newbie in the town built in October 2021, Ain Dubai is the latest tourist attraction in the city. The city is located in the Blue Waters Island, Dubai Marina, it boasts about being the Observation wheel, or tallest Ferris wheel  in the world today. Ain Dubai means Dubai eye which offers a breath-taking view of various landmarks in Dubai from the prime top location. Watch the beauty of Dubai from 250 meters and make your trip worthwhile. 

Ain Dubai tickets are priced differently and offer many options to tourists. The 38-minute ride can be experienced through pods or cabins of choice. The visitors can choose from observation cabins, social cabins and private cabins at different rates. There are options for VIP pods as well. Ain Dubai tickets and all related information about the tour can be accessed through the official website. Overlooking the coastline, the Ain Dubai lets one experience the other skyscrapers of the city in different hues of sunlight. So what are you waiting for? Add the latest landmark in Dubai to make your trip memorable. 

Burj Khalifa: The highest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa is undoubtedly a tourist site no one can miss. Standing tall at 828 meters. It is furthermore the world’s tallest free-standing structure. It has 162 floors and holds the record for the highest occupied ground around the world. The highest observation deck for tourists is on the 124th floor termed ‘At the Top’. The other records of this Y-shaped architectural feat include the highest travelled elevator and service lift in the world. No doubt, when you are in Dubai, you can’t miss it!

Palm Jumeirah: Dubai overlooks the Persian Gulf on its east with a group of man-made islands to create an amazing design of a palm tree. The area is the location for many luxurious villas, residential quarters and the unmistakable sail-shaped hotel the Burj Al Arab. Together it creates another mesmerizing landmark of Dubai that no tourist would like to miss. The Palm Jumeira extended the shoreline by 520 km. It is well-connected to the mainland by a monorail network. 


Dubai is nothing less than a wonder dotted with tourist attractions at every step. Make it memorable and cherished by creating your travel stories. 

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