Tips to Buy Traditional Bangle Sets


Bangles are an essential aspect of Indian ethnic wear for women. Not only does it hold a cultural significance, but it also completes your traditional look. Wearing the right bangle with your saree, ghagra choli, or churidar makes you look classy and more attractive.

But with so many types and styles of bangles to choose from, finding the right set that goes well with your dress can be challenging. Follow these tips to buy the perfect ladies’ bangle set.

Tips for buying traditional bangle sets or bracelets

Once you have decided to buy a traditional bangle set for your special occasion, it is important to look for the right products. Here are some good tips to help you in deciding before you complete your purchase.

traditional bangle set

Choose whether you want to buy gold or silver bangles

If you are looking for options in gold or silver bangles, it is essential to know the purity of the metal. Always check for the hallmark and purity seal on the bangles or bracelets. Ask for a bill to understand the making charges and gold value.

Buying verified jewelry is crucial. BIS is the industry-standard certification for gold quality and purity. Though numerous BIS-certified jewelry stores are there in India, only 30% of them sell certified gold. Therefore, it’s critical to buy jewelry from a reputed jeweler, especially when buying expensive traditional jewelry.

Fashion Bangles and bracelets

If you are looking for artificial bangles or bracelets, check out the price and the brand. Go for the good brands that provide gold-plated or beautiful bangle sets for women. Check for the skin-friendly alloy and desired stones like Kundan, cubic zirconia, and pearls.

You can look for the oxidized bangle sets if you want to team up with your casual attire. Bracelets are also available in many designs and colors to beautify your look.

Pick Your Style

Bangles come in a wide range of style options, from simple floral designs to exquisite styles with heavy embroidery. The design you choose will depend on a few factors. One is the occasion, as discussed previously. Exquisite designs are ideal for big occasions like marriages, anniversaries, etc. For a more sophisticated occasion or daily use, simpler designs are ideal.

Pick the Design

Once you’ve chosen the type and style of bangle you want to buy, the next thing you need to select is the design. Bangles are available in myriad designs, such as hand-shaped (Hamsa), gemstone (Chintz), gold with a stone (Kundan), and emerald (Chandi). The list goes on.

The design you choose will depend on your style, personality, and occasion. It’ll also depend on the dress you’re going to pair with it.

When to buy

If there is a wedding in the house or if it’s your wedding, you might not consider the time but if you are buying it for any other purposes, look out for the discounts and offers. At the time of festive seasons, you can get a great discount on the making charges or gifts along with your purchase of gold or silver bangles.

You can buy from nearby jewelers, who have a good market reputation. Don’t forget to ask for a discount on making charges. If you purchase fashion bangles or women bracelet, look for the online stores and check for festive deals. You can get good buying options at a great price.

Select the Workmanship

Another factor to consider when shopping for bangles is workmanship. If you’re planning to buy luxury bangles for a major occasion like a wedding, selecting the right workmanship for your bangles is crucial. Some popular types of workmanship in bangles are Pachi, Antique, Temple, and Meenakari.

Don’t Shy Away from Experimenting

Lastly, don’t stick to traditional designs only, especially if you need bangles for daily use. You’ll come across bangles with various unique designs and color combinations. You may not find these designs in jewelry shops, but many online jewelry stores have them.

Measure Your Wrist Size

Choosing the right diameter of the bracelet is also crucial. You certainly wouldn’t want your bangle to slip out of your wrist. Also, you wouldn’t want a bangle that’s too tight and starts hurting your wrist.

The best approach is to buy a bangle that’s 0.75 inches larger than your wrist size. This way, the bangle will fit easily and won’t slip out. You can also opt for resizable bangles and bracelets.

Wrap Up

Bangles and bracelets complete your traditional look. So, it’s important to choose the right set of bangles as per the occasion and your dress and style requirements. If you’re planning to buy a new ladies bangle set, use the tips discussed above to begin your search.

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