Top 3 Mods for Honda CBR500


Two of your most important decisions in your riding life are what bike you are going to ride and what motorcycle protective riding gear are you going to rock. The first is all about your identity as a rider, and the second protects you in the case of a wipeout.  The Honda CBR500 makes a great beginner bike, but it has the power to propel even experienced riders to exhilarating adventures. Fuel injection and super throttle response ramp up the fun factor. The bike also has killer looks that give it a racing vibe that makes it nearly impossible not to appear cool on the bike. It’s ready to go when you take it home, but at some point you’ll want to consider how to customize the bike to fit you like a glove.

OEM Improvements

The CBR500, with its powerful  471cc DOHC parallel twin-engine and aerodynamic lines, gets you down the road in a hurry. With a little creativity, and some help from the bike store, you can always make a good bike better. Here are three of the best Honda CBR500 OEM parts to coax a little more fun out of your bike:

  1. Front Wheels. Choose from dozens of front wheel upgrades to restore your bike back to its original glory. Whether you need front wheel accessories to repair a bad bearing or a worn out valve, or you’re looking for a bigger project, genuine Honda parts are the way to go.
  2. Front Brake Parts. When you’re tearing up the ride at 8,500 RPMs brake components will wear out eventually. Get the best replacement calipers and pads to make sure you can stop quickly. Brake with confidence with quality parts.
  3. Body Parts. Make enhancements to your fenders, cowls, mirrors and more with state-of-the-art OEM parts. Get the look you want for your bike and the comfort you deserve on your next ride.

There’s no need to allow your bike to lose performance. If it’s broken or worn, replace it with quality OEM parts.

Riding Gear Enhancements

Riding gear helps you embrace the biker lifestyle, and it offers protection against the pavement. Motorcycle helmets shield your head while making a statement of your style and attitude. Don’t let the sheer variety of helmets available overwhelm you, but consider the many options a good thing. You can choose the price range, the color, the design and the manufacturer. There’s a helmet out there for every rider. Advanced technology and design mean that you get lightweight and tough materials and venting and airflow like never before.

Helmet designs meet the standards for DOT, SNELL and ECE to provide maximum safety. Choose a bike that fits your riding style, whether it is sport, racing, dirt, street or cruiser. Well over a dozen colors enable you to find the ideal look to match your bike or your riding apparel. Also, consider full face, half helmet, modular and open designs. The proper helmet is essential to safe riding and the helmets of today combine durability with comfort.

Buy your riding gear today to make your next ride the best. Upgrade your Honda CBR500 to get top performance.

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