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When you travel to Australia, you can think of many things that originate from there. From the late Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, all the way to the amazing Komodo dragons that exist there, but what’s the most important is the amazing things you can see at the wonderful land of Uluru. What is Uluru you ask? Well, we’ll be happy to tell you in this guide, and we’ll tell you how you can take Northern Territory tours to get there.

Uluru the Great Pebble

Years ago, even though settlers called this land Ayers Rock, the Aboriginals call the land Uluru, which stands for the phrase Great Pebble. Out in the heart of the outback, there is a giant sandstone formation that is over a mile long and about a mile wide that is nearly a thousand feet above the ground.

While it’s a humongous tourist attraction, the natives of the land called the Anangu see this land as a sacred place, and it shall always remain such. There are numerous things to discover (we’ll cover that soon) at The Rock, and the rock itself actually changes shades depending on the way that the light hits it, and as the atmosphere changes.

How to Travel to Ayers Rock

When you want to travel to Uluru, the best way to get there is to go by bus, and that’s what the best tour companies can provide you, by giving you the greatest experience, offering camping trips, guided tours to the wonders of the area, and so much more. After all, Uluru is full of wildlife, wallabies, and many other mammals, birds, and even reptiles that are unique to the lands.

When you go with a tour group, you get to see all of the things that you’d normally miss out on when you go by yourself, unless you take heed to an extended stay. What’s important though is how long you’ll want to be there with a group tour.

Should You Go Alone?

While some people do prefer to go there with family members, and friends, you do not want to visit Uluru alone. While it is amazingly beautiful, it can also be dangerous, and you want to make sure that you can visit everything safely.

The Best Stays in the Northern Territory

If you take a guided tour, you can even choose excellent packages that not only include travel to Ayers Rock, but you’ll be able to stay at the Ayers Rock Resort which can provide some of the best experiences and great nights’ sleep, and you’ll get to experience all the great sights and sounds. Don’t forget about the unexplainable sunrise and sunset in Uluru!


The Rock Uluru Tours offers packages from 3 days, all the way up to 10 days of excellent travel to Uluru, as well as a unique experience that can create some unforgettable moments that you can only see at Ayers Rock. What’s even better, is that by choosing to go with a tour group like The Rock Tours, you’ll get the best experiences for a fraction of the price you’d spend anywhere else.

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