Unexpected Applications for AR and VR


Few people know about the applications of AR/VR outside of entertainment such as games, lenses, and filters. The truth is, technology can be useful in so many other areas of work, such as government, policing, and even medicine. In this article, we decided to summarize some of the unexpected areas of work where these technologies can be extremely useful. We also should not ignore the impact of technology on online gambling. Learn more on ऑनलाइन कैसीनो गेम.


Police officers often have to risk their lives by entering unknown buildings. AR systems can fill in some of the information voids and make their jobs a little bit safer. For instance, if the officers heard gunshots coming from a certain apartment complex, they could use AR to get a model of the building. They can also access any criminal information associated with that address.

applications for AR and VR

Emergency Aid

The fact that data analysis can be an invaluable tool for raising situational awareness in emergencies is nothing new. But, first responders can use AR to visually analyze the environment and determine the best possible route to provide help. Modern applications allow the rescue teams to easily locate users on the map and use the safest passages to get them out.

Protection of Public Spaces

For the past few decades, more and more governments started using cameras to monitor the use of public facilities and ensure their safety. Now, AR provides an opportunity to take those security measures one step further. It can highlight the condition of public facilities and other government-owned assets. AR can also help cities find the perpetrators guilty of damaging city property. Advanced VR tools can predict the failure of key infrastructure and prevent casualties. For instance, if the roof in the public space seems to be nearing collapse, AR could warn against standing under it until it is repaired.

Tourist Attractions

VR can be useful for visualizing the original condition of ancient buildings or places. It can be used as a stand-in for tourists’ imagination and help them envision the place in its former glory. This way, VR can improve the appeal of tourist destinations with ancient ruins, such as Rome, Athens, and others. For example, the french town Cluny, which is an important historical tourist destination, already uses VR and AR software. Its primary purpose is to help visitors envision the town in medieval times.


For the past two decades, technology has been rapidly transforming the classrooms and the learning process. VR and AR hardware and software can take this transformation one step further. These tools can provide immersive learning and experience and help students focus on the subject at hand. The importance of VR and AR for education is clear during the times of remote learning. Unlike video conferencing, VR can provide a personal, immersive experience. The technology can also help students explore the locations that were before deemed unreachable. For example, those studying marine biology can explore the floor of the ocean. They can also interact with the 3D models of marine creatures.

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