Water Purification – The most essential process to keep yourself healthy


Water is one such natural resource, without which, the survival of life on the earth is impossible. However, water is not just a necessity for survival but in fact for a healthy survival. Most people do not realise that drinking healthy and safe water is very essential for us. The transparent fluid hold various benefits for us both, internally and externally. Considering the hazardous pollution moving around in the air, you could not rely on the tap water. It would obviously be infected with all the germs and harmful chemicals that could be dangerous for your body. No one is unaware from the waterborne diseases and their effects. Understanding the crucial nature of this issue, the concept of water purification is been highlighted by various companies which offer you a range of different types of water purifiers, depending on your needs.

Water Purification
The US pharmacopoeia defines purified water as having less than 10 PPM of total dissolved solids. Since the technology has become advanced, you do not need to invest a huge amount for purchasing water purifiers. The technologies like reverse osmosis or distillation or demonization are easily available in the market that would fit in your pocket. The companies now allow you after sale services where, if you face any trouble with the purifier, you could register your query and send it to Kent ro complaint email id to get an immediate response.
Most families are shifting to water purifiers for drinking safe water. Water purifier makes the water healthy and safe for the consumption as it removes all the impurities from it. The effectiveness of the purifiers could be understood by keeping the following points in mind.

✓ Removes even the minute particles
Filters are designed in such a way that they could remove even the minute particles like leaves and other debris from water, it also removes dirt and the clay particles as well. The filtration units set up at home usually uses replaceable paper filters that screens out all the harmful and minute particles from water.

✓ Treats Minerals
There are certain kinds of minerals like calcium and manganese that gets mixed in water which might not be too hazardous for health of the body but can make the taste of water very unpleasant or metallic. Presence of these elements in the water used for washing cause the stain on, the dishes washed in the water rich in protein results in discolouring them, in fact the mineral rich water also clogs the water pipes which ultimately would result in reducing the water pressure which in turn would create lots of plumbing issues.

✓ Makes the water fit for drinking
Water has many hazardous elements in it. There are many harmful bacteria parasites that makes the water unfit to drink. Consumption of such quality if water may result in a disease named Giardiasis which cause diarrhoea, which can even last for the period of six weeks. Giardia intestinal is the microscopic parasite that causes this disease. Water gets contaminated with animal or human faeces when such diseases occurs. By passing through the different purification levels from the filters, purity of water gets insured.

✓ Eliminating the use of Chlorine
Usually it is believed that chlorine being a great disinfectant gets used to treat water from impurities. Chlorine is used because first it is inexpensive, secondly  it is easy accessible, thirdly it is easy to use as well. Chlorine with its quality of disinfecting water, also causes a pungent smell and taste of water. Here a carbon filter could be of great help it would make the water regain its pure shape and smell. To avoid the smell and taste clean and pure water, you could use a water purifier. If your purifier does not work properly, Kent allows you to enjoy their services when ever you need them. You could contact to the Kent complaint number and an attendant would take care of the matter.

✓ Removing lead
Lead is a very dangerous and hazardous particle which contaminates the water usually at the time when pipes get fitted or when the water flows through them. Lead must be removed from the drinking water to make it completely safe for drinking. To remove the impurities of lead we can use osmosis, carbon filters or using the RO water filters from Kent. If you are still using the well as a source of water, then you must get the well checked at least twice a year to make sure great health of the entire family of yours.

✓ Removal of the chemicals and pesticides
In earlier times we used the pesticides that would not get contaminated into the water, but the pesticides that get used today are made up of dissoluble particles because of which they get mixed into the water and hence result in deteriorating the water quality and making us prone to any of the waterborne diseases. Activated carbon filters could be used to treat or remove the harmful chemicals and pesticides. The water purifiers simples the provider and make sure that the water that reaches to the body is safe and pure for drinking.

Hence to keep ourselves safe and healthy we must keep the above mentioned points into our mind. One should always drink plenty of water and that too safe drinking water. Water could be the best medicine if used wisely. It could not only result in glowing skin and energetic you, but also prevent your body from dehydrating. Since, summers are at the doorsteps, you must drink water as often as possible. But drinking water is not enough, you must make sure that the water you are in taking is safe for you and your body. If there is any problem in your purifier, you could contact the customer care of the purifier and get the servicing done. Water must not only look transparent, but it should be transparent i.e. clean inside and out.
Use of water purifier makes our life simpler by providing us with safe and healthy drinking water, which is one of the necessity of life.

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