What Are Retargeting Strategies?


Do you truly grasp what it means since we’ve spoken about it a lot and you’ve heard of it? It’s an excellent opportunity to interact with individuals who are already familiar with your brand and have a favorable view of it. They may have glanced into your social media profiles or newsletters. They may have even gone shopping. This is what they say.

Aren’t you astounded by it? That is correct. What if they refuse to change? Little. There is a probability that you will be able to attract and convert a large number of potential customers.

retargeting strategies

We’d rather discuss retargeting methods than the many sorts of retargeting. Is your retargeting approach effective, regardless of whether you utilize websites, social media, or direct mail? The Adwisely experts are here to assist you.

Here are some tried-and-true retargeting methods and examples for your own branding and marketing efforts.

Retarget Specific URL Visits

Retargeting can be done for the entire group. This is the easiest technique to begin retargeting, but it is unlikely to make a significant difference in the number of individuals who buy your items. If you wish to retarget your advertising, you may do so by using a specific URL on your website.

Retargeting users with a more relevant message reduces the number of individuals you can contact. Relevant ads are more likely to be clicked on by the individuals who want them.

Retargeting folks who read your blog, for example, is something that adverts can accomplish. The blog post’s content reveals a lot about what readers are interested in. People who have read your blog article on cheap sports cars may be interested in seeing advertisements for cheap sports cars.

Apply this concept to your business by emphasizing a certain sort of content on each of your pages. Content-related adverts can be retargeted to those who have previously visited the URL where the ad is shown.

Retargeting Existing Customers

The targeting premise of this advertisement is pretty obvious.

They’re retargeting old customers who haven’t made a purchase in a while.

This kind of thing works.

Why? Because people have already converted on your products and services, meaning you risk nothing by asking them to come back.

It’s incredibly easy to set up, too.

Again, you can do this on either AdWords or Facebook, and it only takes a few minutes to set up.

To get started, head to Facebook’s Ads Manager and navigate to the audience section, then click Create an Audience.

From here, create another Custom Audience, and select Customer List.

That’s where you can upload your audience list. If a green check mark shows up, then you are good to go. If you see a yellow exclamation point, you might need to update some identifiers manually.

This will allow us to import contacts directly from MailChimp or upload an exported list of current or old customers.

The key here is to sort your customer file or email list by how old or unresponsive customers are.

If you have customers that are consistently buying from you, don’t waste money advertising to them.

Focus your efforts on customers that haven’t converted in a while or who haven’t responded to marketing emails.

This will give you another great shot at bringing them back to your products.

Amplified Earned Media retargetting

Obtaining good press coverage and endorsements from others are two of the most successful ways for accelerating your organization’s growth. Scaling up these procedures, on the other hand, may be difficult. Because Outbrain offers a varied publisher network, it is simple to promote earned content on the platform.

While retargeting pixels can help you engage with people who read your earned media, doing it without them may be tough. This is possible with the use of third-party tags. You are not restricted to people that visit your own website when remarketing. You may also target those who have read nice pieces about your company in the news.

The Deeper Lists of strategies of retargeting (optional but necessary)

Here are some other important retargeting Google ads strategy which you can consider back and forth.

Retarget by the Organic Search results and the paid one

 Only when your retargeting message is tailored to the specific audience will it be effective. When someone arrives at your website as a consequence of a specific search term, it demonstrates a high level of intent on their part. The next commercial or content item you show them on Facebook, Google Display Network, must be related to their search term.

You may easily achieve this using the UTM parameter by creating a list of retargeted users depending on the subject of each Ad Group.

Retarget visitors who spent more time in your site

Keep an eye on your stats to figure out how long it takes a visitor to convert on your site. At Outbrain, it takes about five minutes to get a job. Visitors who spend more than four minutes on our site in a single session will be added to a list of people we can show ads to again and again.

On the other hand, you should not use remarketing if you want to target people who have been on your site for less than 10 seconds. In this case, they clicked the ad by accident or for some other reason, and retargeting them isn’t worth the money and time.

Retarget based on custom audience lists

You may submit a list of email addresses to any website and then use retargeting technology to target only those people. When it comes to your registration funnel or newsletter subscription, for example, you aren’t limited to only connecting with these people by email. Depending on the nature of the business being advertised, certain email lists will undoubtedly perform better than others..

Retarget the conversion for upselling and/or onboarding

It is not enough to persuade someone to buy your product or service. It is vital that you keep retargeting them. Customers may continue to get onboarding emails in order to help them maximize the value of your product or to upsell them on more things. Education can help to improve client interactions, especially when dealing with tough products or services. Effective remarketing necessitates close cooperation with your customer success team.

We hope that you will utilize this professional advise to help you enhance your retargeting strategy. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions in the space below.

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