Together for Interests. What is Coliving, and Why is it So Popular?

Changes in the lifestyle and value systems of a modern person, including the attitude to material values, are changing the real estate market, leading to the emergence of new formats. Between owning and renting, new highly mobile generations of city dwellers are increasingly choosing to coliving in New York City.


How did This Phenomenon Come About?

The course towards reasonable consumption frees us from unnecessary things, reducing the area in apartments necessary for their storage. The development of food delivery services, along with the trend to eat out, turns the kitchen into a throwback, compressing it to the size of a microwave oven. The desire to actively specialize, to participate in the life of the community leads to an increase in the role of public spaces in residential structures.

The coliving format is becoming a response to a new consumer demand in the real estate market. Colivings represents a new typology of housing, because in the modern world the living cell is also developing and undergoing changes.

Over time, the format began to develop, and now there are colivings, for example, for the elderly, for families with children. In the modern world, everything is customized, including housing. Modern technology allows you to order customized items with an exclusive design, such as sneakers. And they will be done in 2-3 days. Coliving is the same customization of certain requests: requirements for the social environment and a set of services. This type of property is located at the intersection of housing and hotels.

Depending on how much money you have, you can order certain additional services or choose the level of coliving you need. In fact, coliving is one of the elements of the sharing economy, when you can rent space, having all the services at hand. You do not need to invest big money in purchases and maintenance. All additional expenses are already included in the rental price.

Who are the –°olivings for?

Coliving is created for dynamic people. It’s about a new level of comfort. For example, there are coliving networks in different cities of the world. By purchasing a subscription, a person can live in network coliving sites in different cities of the world. It is very convenient, especially given the development of the global economy.

In modern society, people have a need to socialize, but only with those who have the same social status. One of the concerns of the people we surveyed in the study was the fear of being under the same roof as unpleasant neighbors. The filters used by many coliving companies allow leveling this factor, as well as selecting like-minded people into the community. It is often impossible to rent a room in coliving just by coming from the street. The following steps can be expected here:

  • you need to pass an interview (with tenants or a psychologist);
  • or questionnaires.

On the one hand, it might scare you away. But on the other hand, the person will be sure that next to him live decent and similar interests people with whom you can have fun.

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