Why do you need a smartwatch?


The first-ever smartwatch was invented in 2004 by Microsoft, called SPOT. It received stock information, weather information, news updates, instant messages, and emails. Since then, smartwatches have come a long way to providing some truly advanced features. Smartwatches offer various additional features than just displaying the time. 

Below are some of the benefits and reasons why you should consider purchasing a smartwatch.

why do you need smartwatch

Activity tracking

The best thing about a smartwatch is its ability to track activity. It can count the number of steps you walked, the number of calories you burned, and your heart rate. Many are also equipped with GPS, which means these smartwatches can map your runs and bike rides. Today, you can find smartwatches that can track your blood oxygen levels, too, such as the Apple smartwatch. Rather than checking your activity-related information later on your smartphone, you can easily track your activity as you are doing that activity. This means more convenience and quicker access to information that you need instantly when you need it.

Keeps you connected

Smartwatches, like smartphones, keep you connected. You can receive notifications on your smartwatch. For example, you are alerted when you get a text message, an email, or someone sends you a message on social media. You don’t have to take out your smartphone to read those messages and receive those notifications because you can do that right from the smartwatch. Some smartwatches allow you to answer calls, too, without taking your smartphone out of your pocket. This means better connectivity wherever you are. Even if you are busy doing something, a smartwatch makes it easy to send quick replies.

Listen to music on the go.

Smartwatches can be used to listen to music too. Not many people like to jog, run, or work out without music. Owning a smartwatch makes listening to music on the go much easier. Some smartwatches come with the ability to store music locally on the smartwatch. However, others allow you to access the music files on your phone and control them via your smartwatch. You can connect your wireless earbuds and listen to music as you go for your morning run. Some smartwatches come with LTE, which enables you to stream music without downloading music on your smartphone or smartwatch.

Supports various apps

A smartwatch generally comes with its own set of apps that enables you to get more things done. And the apps that are in the smartwatch can vary across manufacturers. Regardless of that, this ensures you can track your activity and get more done. For example, you can have apps such as the messaging app, the email app, calculator, temperature, and much more. For specialized smartwatches, you will have all the apps that are required to fulfil that purpose. For instance, a hiking smartwatch will have a plethora of apps dedicated to hiking so you can make the most of it as you like.

Have a lot of options

When it comes to smartwatches, you have several options to choose from. If you want to try a smartwatch to see if you like it, you can go for a low-cost smartwatch with the basic features and then move on to a more expensive one if you like the watch. However, if you want a smartwatch that can do a lot, go for a smartwatch that provides the features you need. You have tons of options in the market today, which offer smart watches at best prices. This means you can find a smartwatch that is just right for you.

When looking for a smartwatch, think about the type of watch you want and the features it should have. You can find general-purpose smartwatches such as Tizen, Apple, or Wear. You can opt for specialized watches such as those for diving, flying, and hiking. There is a wider range of smartwatches available today than were available ever before. Most smartwatch batteries are similar to smartphones, and they can work for an entire day or two. Some high-end smartwatches are made for adventures and these can work for a few days on a single charge. Smartwatches can be pretty useful for you if you want something highly portable and easy to use.

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