Why Do Professional Sports Teams Have Such Dedicated Fans?


Professional sports teams seem to have a fan following like no other. Fans of these teams are extremely dedicated and will go to great lengths to show their support and appreciation. There are bound to be countless people in the stadium at any live match, whether it’s those who painted their faces, those who traveled halfway across the world to show their support or those who did both. So, what motivates them to be so committed?

Top 10 Most Famous Sports Teams

Before understanding what drives fans to devote themselves to the teams they love, you should know which teams are the most loved worldwide. Now amongst all sports worldwide, basketball and soccer have the largest audience and fanbases.

dedicated fans for sports teams

So, what identifies the most favored teams? Is it the most wins or the most fans? Nevertheless, here are the top 10 most popular teams in the world.

  1. New York Yankees (Baseball)
  2. Manchester United (Soccer)
  3. Los Angeles Lakers (Basketball)
  4. Real Madrid (Soccer)
  5. Dallas Cowboys (Football)
  6. Barcelona (Soccer)
  7. New England Patriots (Football)
  8. Chicago Bulls (Basketball)
  9. Green Bay Packers (Football)
  10. Boston Red Sox (Baseball)

Why Do Professional Sports Teams Have Such Dedicated Fans?

A Sense Belonging

The world is large, and when different people from around the world get together to share the love of one game, it is quite beautiful! It gives them identity when following a certain team or country player. A community is created where people create new connections and continue to be devoted to their team. with the soccer team, for example, many international fans from countries that don’t qualify still support other teams they like. It shows that my responsibility doesn’t just bind it.

Attached Emotionally

For many people, sports are not simply just for watching a sport, it provides them a way to escape their real life and their hardships for this entertainment. Because of the happiness it brings, they are automatically emotionally connected to a team’s success and wellness. They want the team to succeed and give them the same happiness and contentment it has given them. As a result, when their team does well, they have a sense of pride for them even though they did not contribute to it themselves.


Many countries have a national sport. For quite a few of them, the sport represents culture and history. With all the economic issues, true patriotism comes forwards when a country succeeds at its national sport and creates a lot of motivation amongst the fans!

How Can You Join the Fanbase?

Live Games

The best way to support your team and be part of the dedicated fanbase is by watching the live watches. You can either watch them on your specific channel or even buy tickets to watch them at the stadium. The greater the presence of fans, the more supported a team feels, and the better they perform. You may even stay back and post matches for fan meetups to show your support.

Fan Pages

You can show your support and connect with other fans by creating fan pages online or being a part of many discussion forums. The fan pages are there to celebrate the team’s wins and lift them up when they cannot win!

Discussion boards, on the other hand, often discuss games and strategies, helping to get audiences even more involved in the sport. Official team members are often included in these forums, allowing good one-on-one interaction with fans. Suppose you’re trying to confirm recent Lakers news and rumors. People will be there to confirm or deny them! This a wonderful tip if you’re looking to get into sports.

Team Merchandise

At the start of many seasons, many sports teams begin to sell their merchandise. Shirts, sweaters, or caps showing the team logo and colors. Obviously, these are to raise money and give fans a chance to support. If you can’t necessarily afford these, you can still show your support by creating your posters.


Whether you’re a diehard fan or just starting to get interested in sports, there are many ways to become a part of a fanbase and show your support for your favorite team. Now that you know why people are so emotionally connected to their teams and why the game’s outcome is so important, it’s about time you join the cheering section!

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