Tune Out Your Jealous Friends with 5 Best Wireless Earphones


Of late, wireless earphones have become quite popular, especially among Gen-Z. Whether you’re attending a Zoom class or taking the metro back home, wireless earphones come in handy. But the best part? They are great for tuning out your jealous friends who just can’t keep calm. Or when you politely want to ignore someone, you can just pretend you’re listening to music. And we can also agree that wireless hearables make an excellent accessory that pairs well with all fashion looks. 

best wireless earphones

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Are you sold, or do we need to say more? We’ll take that as a yes, so now let’s look at some of the attractive and best wireless earphones that you must consider buying! 

The Basic White

fastrack earphoneAlthough today wireless earphones are available in multiple colours, there’s something about the basic white we just love. If you feel the same, you must check out these truly wireless earbuds. They are sleek and stylish and come with a 10mm deep bass driver, which is perfect for those who enjoy electronic and hip-hop music. The environmental noise cancellation enhances the audio experience, and you can even take calls without worrying about background noise. Plus, the earbuds are also IPx6 water resistant, making them one of the best wireless earphones available in the market. 

The Fossil Grey

fossil grey earphone

Number two on our list of the best wireless earphones is the fossil grey, a pair of earbuds that only weigh 4.4 grams. Yes, you read that right! They are light as a feather and quite comfortable, making them ideal for fitness freaks who are always working out. But that’s only one great aspect of these earbuds as they have a 7mm bass boost driver, voice control features, quick pairing technology, and 15 hours of playback time. Plus, they can be easily connected to all Bluetooth devices, including Android and iOS ones.

The Solid Black

solid black earphone

If you’ve been looking for the best wireless earphones that are also pocket-friendly, the solid black is an option you must shortlist. These behind-the-neck earphones come with an in-built mic, making phone calls more convenient. And if you’re worried about this hearable being uncomfortable, you should know that it is made with a flex-form cable you won’t even feel as you go about your day. Additionally, the solid black earphones offer IPx4 sweat and water resistance, so you surely don’t need to double-check the weather before stepping out! 

The Neon Pink

neon pink earphone

Are you looking for a set of wireless earbuds that will not just tune out the noise but also make you stand apart? If yes, then this neon pink pair is one of the best wireless earphones for you. While you may find the colour tacky, it is instead quite trendy. Plus, the earbuds are equipped with several smart features, with environmental noise cancellation and voice assistance being two of them. And if you’re bad at keeping your devices charged, look no further as the buds offer 40+ hours of playback time with the case.

The Forest Green

forest green earphone Last on our list is the forest green, which is one of the best wireless earphones for gamers as they come with a built-in gaming mode. Even better, this mode provides low latency support, making your gaming sessions as immersive as it gets. Additionally, you get a 10mm deep bass driver and noise cancellation, which enhances the audio quality and makes songs, videos, and even movies 10 times more enjoyable. What more? The earbuds are 1Px6 water resistant and you can continue to use Siri and Google Assistant features like you usually do. 

Now that you know some of the best wireless earphones available on the market, it’s time to start shopping! But before you go, you should know that it is always best to buy hearables from reliable brands like Fastrack, so you get your money’s worth.

Also, keeping a list of all the features you need is a great idea as it will save you from going over budget. What are you waiting for? Visit the Fastrack website now! 

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