BBL Finals 2022 Format | How Many Teams Make BBL Finals?


What is BBL Finals 2022 Format?

Every team plays a total of 14 matches. Each team plays at least two matches with each other. One on away and one on a home basis. The BBL final matches come after the regular matches. The Big Bash finals format is that the top five teams play BBL playoffs from where the losing three teams will be knocked out.

BBL 2022 finals

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BBL Finals Format – Eliminator

In a regular season, eight teams play against each other. According to the BBL finals format, the fourth and fifth position winners of those eight teams play the Eliminator round in the championship. The Eliminator round is the same as a T20 match. It has the rules are the same for BBL Eliminator and T20. This means that if the scores for both teams are the same at the end of the match then a Super Over will be played. The Eliminator is the deciding phase. It decides that the winner of the match will stay in the competition and the loser will be eliminated from the Bash league.

Big Bash League Final Format – Qualifier

According to the BBL 2022 finals format, the Qualifier gives a straight ticket to the finals of the game. This challenger takes place on the next immediate day to the Eliminator with the two championing teams. The winner of the Qualifier will play the final game. The team that losses the Qualifier will become the runner-up of the BBL.

Big Bash Final Format Knockout

Usually, the Knockout is played on the same day as the Qualifier. This is known as the second Eliminator game. The team that loses this stage is removed from the competition. The winner of the Eliminator and the team who came third in the tournament face each other in the Knockout round. The winner of the Knockout progresses further in the competition.

Big Bash League Final Format – Challenger

Before, the very last match of the playoffs, a gap of three days are taken. This last match is called the Challenger. It is called because it is decided in this match which team will challenge the team who has already made it to the final game. The teams that have not been eliminated in any rounds play the Challenger according to the BBL finals format 2022. This means the winner of the Knockout and the loser of the Qualifier play the Challenger. The winner of the match proceeds to the BBL final.

BBL Super Over Prize Money

Like every professional cricket, the BBL also has a prize money distribution system. The winner of the league is given $600,000. The second position gets $220,000 and the champion players are given $450,000. The 3rd, 4th and 5th placed teams are also given prize money. They receive $80,000 and $20,000 respectively.

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