How to Get Started with Online Cricket Betting in India


Fantasy sports like fantasy cricket are very popular today for a good reason. They enable betting among people who may not be able to bet on a real-life match. This was especially important when the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted normal betting systems in favour of the online modes.

However, this sudden boost in popularity was not necessarily a positive, with many newcomers thoroughly confused by the online processes. Luckily, several online resources exist to make a newbie bettor’s experience infinitely better. As one such resource, here are some key features you need to keep in mind while online betting. 

cricket online betting

Getting Started – Betting Odds

While bookmakers used to set betting odds values, today, virtual bookmakers calculate and set betting odds. So, let us understand betting odds with the example of a match between Australia and India. There are three possible outcomes:

  • India wins
  • Australia wins
  • Match draws

The virtual bookmaker calculates India’s odds at 4, Australia’s at 2 and the draw at 5. To enter the bet, you now have to provide a wager amount, e.g. Rs. 1000. 

You can give this amount betting on either wins or the draw happening. If you bet on India’s win, you will receive the wager amount times the odds, i.e. Rs. 4000. You might either get your Rs. 1000 back or lose a percentage to commission if you lose. Some websites do not return your money at all.

The betting odds showcase the high risk-high reward mentality behind online betting. Therefore, keeping up with news about cricket is essential since that is the only way to increase your odds. Knowing the different players’ strengths and weaknesses makes it easier to anticipate a payout, and you can bet larger sums.

Types of Bets

Once you understand betting odds, the next step is understanding your various betting options. The most popular types of cricket bets are as follows:

  • Straight Bets: Betting on wins or losses of teams. 
  • Proposition Bets: Betting on specific outcomes within the match. You may bet on the number of wickets by a bowler or how many sixes or fours a batsman hits. 
  • Over or Under Bets: Betting on the total score and what the probable outcome will be. You can place a bet over or under the predicted scores based on your understanding of the fantasy team. 

As a beginner, you may prefer straight bets to get the hang of betting. You can also avail of free betting services that do not require registering with credits when you begin and explore your options. Free betting is a safe way of checking your predictive capacity with fantasy sports. 

Tips to Improve Your Online Betting Experience

Once you are ready to enter the world of online betting, it can become overwhelming. There are many tips out there that seem to help you at first glance, only to reveal themselves as complex and not tips. This lack of comprehension is often the result of not going to basics. 

One of the most foundational choices you make is which website you sign up with. Choosing a website with competitive betting odds is an (ironically) safe bet. While comparing websites, look out for higher betting odds, ensuring you win more money. 

If you are sure of your prediction about the win or defeat of a team (e.g. you may not think one team is strong but may be sure that their opponent does not stand a chance), go for higher bets and odds. The returns on bets with higher odds are greater and compound in the long term. 

How to Choose the Right Website

The big question then remains – how do you choose the right cricket betting website? Well, here are some pointers to get you started:

  • Research your options thoroughly
  • Do not hurry and make the wrong choice
  • Ensure reliable customer support for improved security
  • Check for flexible payment options

Betting from your home should be a comfortable experience with some assurance of a positive outcome. Choosing an online betting website with these offerings promises a better experience. As long as you complement this with regularly checking on the news about cricket, you are sure to improve your odds through educated betting!

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