The entertaining Patron’s Trophy

In the most cricket-loving nations in the world, usually there are Twenty20 and first-class cricket tournaments. Punters can make safe betting whith 1xBet on all of those different championships.


Pakistan is also one of those cases. Between 1960 and 2019 they had a highly entertaining championship known as the Patron’s Trophy. However, unlike other competitions where usually provinces of a country play against each other, here the teams represented all kinds of groups, such as:

  • government organizations;
  • corporations;
  • commercial entities;
  • banks;
  • businesses;
  • and even educational institutions.

During most of its existence, all Patron’s trophy matches were considered as first-class contests. It is possible to make safe betting with the 1xBet online betting platform on the best first-class matches played anywhere around the world. However, in later years, the competition would be plagued with issues that eventually led to its downfall.

History of the trophy

The tournament was established back in 1960. Its original name was the Ayub Trophy. The great cricket scores 1xBet India can also be used to see what is happening in different Pakistani cricket championships.

The championship was named as such due to Ayub Khan, who is a former president of Pakistan. It should be noted that during most of its existence, the Patron’s trophy was played in parallel with the Quaid-i-Azam Trophy. The latter was also a first-class tournament, but which had provincial teams rather than organizational ones. The 1xBet India website has highly detailed cricket scores where fans can follow the results from their favorite squads.

In 1973, it was decided to introduce the Pentangular Trophy. Its main purpose was to face the winner of both the Patron and the Quaid-i-Azam trophies and decide who was the absolute best team in Pakistan.

Reforms and dissolution

Unfortunately, the Patron’s Trophy was played for the last time in 2019. Yet, in the 1xBet app India it is still possible to wager on other highly competitive Pakistani cricket tournaments.

The first signs of trouble appeared in 2007. In that year, it was decided to strip the Patron’s Trophy from its first-class status. Of course, it was still possible to play it. However, it lost most of its appeal.

In 2019, a huge reorganization was made to Pakistani cricket, which ended lots of tournaments and started new ones. The Patron’s trophy was one of the unfortunate championships that disappeared after such a reform. The app provided by 1xBet India can be used to wager on the modern competitions played in Pakistan and in many other places.

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